Friday, December 28, 2007

(Still) In KC

Yep, still in Kansas City.

We were going to go home today, but there was supposed to be a snow storm...and it was a week day (which meant I wasn't going to be able to say goodbye to everyone). So here we are, still in KC. Tomorrow we're leaving for sure, though. I'm both relieved and dreading it. On one hand, I want to get home and find a job...on the other I hate that long drive.

So what have I been doing? Not a thing. Yesterday night we watched HAIRSPRAY (the new one) on DVD. It was actually really good (which surprised/shocked me). Today we went to the mall--it was slightly amusing. I hate the malls out here, but they remind me of my youth (in High School that's all we used to do...just go and hang out at the mall). We've been toying around with going to a movie, but no one really seems all that excited about going out again.

Not sure what we're doing for New Year's Eve. I'm toying around with having a get together at our place (but honestly, who would we invite?). Anyway, I've had a pretty good little break.

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