Friday, December 21, 2007

Fake Monster

Okay so as stated, I spent yesterday at the movies. It was great! I hadn't been in forever, and I didn't have much to do. While I was there I saw a bunch of trailers (most of them sucked) but there were two that rocked--the (non-teaser) trailer for THE DARK KNIGHT (new Batman movie) and CLOVERFIELD.


Part of me wants to know everything I can about this movie, and another part wants to just go in cold (well, lukewarm...I already know so much). As the release date draws nearer, I'm finding more and more spoilers online. But there is one spoiler I'd probably look at--because I'm so damn curious...

What does the CLOVERFIELD monster look like?

Here is a (really well done) piece of fan-art that a bunch of idiots are saying is the real thing (it's not):

Whoever did this is well-versed in all things CLOVERFIELD. Notice the whale features (the tie-in site makes several mentions of a fish that "turned into a whale"). Also, the parasite the creature is reported to have would make sense if Cloverfield's monster is whale related (barnacles anyone?). But alas, this is a fake.

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Anonymous said...

FAKE! Plant!