Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hey Axl! Wouldn't "you like to be a Pepper, too?"

I love the juxtaposition in the title CHINESE DEMOCRACY.

Guns 'N Roses isn't really from my generation, but this mythical album (CHINESE DEMOCRACY) is my generations SMILE. You know? The brilliant-never-released rock record that the crazy/genius/hermit-perfectionist artist has recorded...but won't release.

This thing has been "cooking" since 1991, and ever year or so it's "expected" to come out. This year, for some reason...people are thinking it's about to come out (or "drop" as the kids say nowadays). If it came out tomorrow I would be equal parts shocked and not that surprised.

I've actually heard a few of it's songs (or songs that are rumored to be on it). I heard both on Michael Butler's podcast, one was a song called "I.R.S" which was actually really good (sounded like vintage GNR) the other was (if I remember correctly) called "Madagascar" and was a bit strange (but good). Anyway, that was a while back (years back).

Why am I bringing this up? What does it matter to you, my casual reader (read: friend, co-worker, parent, sister, or ex-teacher)? Well it matters because this week Dr. Pepper got involved with the whole "CHINESE DEMOCRACY Legend." Yep, seems that the good people over at Dr. Pepper have decided that if Axl gets off his ass and releases the record, "every man, woman, and child in the US will get a free can of Dr. Pepper."


So now we have THREE reasons to wish, hope, and pray...for Chinese Democracy.

A Few Gigs.

Today La La Munky&The Lucky Kitties played a few "gigs" today. It was mostly fun. I'm playing mostly on "Hard" though, which is upsetting...I can hold my own in "Expert" but there are a handful of songs that I can't even get through, and in the Band World Tour that just don't cut it. SO, whenever we have to play a "mystery" song, I've been just going with "Hard."

Anyway, Leah did pretty good (though she's coughing an awful lot still). I was most proud of her when the B-52's "Roam" came up (this song is a breeze on guitar, not so much on vocals). But she did great.

Here's a random pic of me rockin' out:

And another of me "in-game," with my sweet-ass GBV shirt I made (if only my hair were that color):

Overall we had fun, but after we finished a lengthy 6-song set (one of the songs we did was The Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again" which is really, really long) the game locked up!!! Luckily for us, the game saved our score...but our head's nearly exploded.

I took some pictures of Leah, but it would piss her off if I posted them...

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sleep Vs. Ghost

Okay, I'm at work. I am very sleepy.

Didn't sleep last night, at all. My schedule is really screwed up--no morning shifts all week, then a day off, then a 10 hour morning/evening shift, then day off....repeat.

Went home at midnight, no sleep. Sat in bed and watched time roll by on clock on nightstand. Now I'm at work. Can't sleep. Nothing to do.

When I got here, in the morning...there was someone already in the building. A black girl, young (maybe 19 or 20). I said hi to her, I had to say it twice. We made eye contact, then she rounded a corner...I did my unlocks, and now I can't find her. six hours later, and i still cant find her.

Did I just imagine? Was she here? How did she get in? There was an administrator in the building, over in the offices...but he used h is accesss card. Couldnb't have let her in. I checked the catwalk in the gym, first time I ever went up there. I checked the lady's locker, not there. I don't know which I want--her to be real or for me to have just dreamed it up.

I went to the bathroom, sat down, tried to sleep--can't. Fuckers at Uni-guard have me so well trained, I can't sleep on the job anymore. thank God for Spring Break, my 10 hour shift is only 9 hours. I thought I could handle this because i did it all summer but it's been six months since I've worked through this much sleep I forgot how hard this really is. Glad the ride home is much shorter than downtown KC to Lee's Summit.

since I can't sleep I'm going to keep looking for that girl. I haven't seen her leave.

The "Creepy Ventriloquism/Silverfish Story" Better-Late-Than-Never Blog

Reunion "Tour"

Tonight I did something unusual...not in the sense that it was strange for most people, but rather--it was out of character for me.

I went and saw some friends.

It's not that I don't have many friends (I do), but I rarely keep in touch with the people I meet and befriend. For the past 2 years or so, I've had two people who I have known who were always there for me--my friends Paul and Katie. We started as "class friends" who became friendly via our bitching about classroom stuff (assignments, exams, tuition, and the like). Usually these people fade out as a semester ends, but with us we tried to take many of the same classes together.

Now that I'm a graduate, I miss many things about college, but I don't miss anything as much as I do those two people. I wasn't very hopeful about a continued friendship with them, because--frankly, my track record isn't very good when it comes to such things...

ANYWAY, I went and saw both of them tonight. It was really good. We didn't even do anything but just sit and talk, but it felt really good. I realized tonight that--as weird as it might sound (which is why I'll probably never say it) I love both of them very much.

Life can get very hectic, and you can easily lose sight of what really matters--and that's the people. People are more valuable than either time or money. Those things can be spent and used up...friendship, if nurtured properly--can and should last forever. We've made another "appointment" to get together, and I feel much better in just knowing that.

Take a little advice from the Limemonkey, ditch the yard work...or the TV-show...or the extra shift at work...and go visit your friends. They miss you. They may need a little prodding, but in the end they will thank you. Because it's just good medicine to be around people who like (and care) about you. People who aren't contractually obligated (by law or blood) to be around you...but still want to be.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Oh, F------

Two quick things...

I'm sitting here, messing around on the net before I have to go, and I noticed on IMDB that Simon Pegg did co-write RUN FATBOY RUN (which in my last post, I said he didn't). I find it strange to see so many people bashing this film (as being too "predictable," no's a romantic-comedy...who is really shocked when he gets the girl at the end??? Seriously).

Anyway, last weekend (or was it the weekend before? I can't remember) I went over to Jimu's apartment and talked with Davu while playing SMASH BROTHERS on the Wii--somehow in the course of our conversation he told me about this list.

Who keeps track of this shit? Who has the time???


I woke up (sorta) early today...okay it was like 10:00AM but that's early for me. I got up at this (highly unreasonable) hour, on my day off--because Simon Pegg has a new movie out. Sitting in the AMC, waiting for the movie to start, I realized that Pegg is probably my new favorite comedic actor. I haven't seen a single movie he's been in that wasn't kick ass (which is good news for J.J. Abram's STAR TREK movie, Pegg will be playing Scotty). Once again, Pegg didn't let me down. RUN FAT BOY RUN was not only hilarious, but also sweet/touching and a little inspirational.

Pegg plays a loser who stands his (very pregnant) girlfriend up on the day of their wedding. Years later, he is shocked to find that she is dating (and about to be married) to a yuppie-American (played by Hank Azaria...who does like a 1,000 voices on THE SIMPSONS). Facing the prospect of losing the woman he still loves--and his son (Azaria plans on whisking the family off to Chicago once he gets hitched with Pegg's woman) the lovable loser realizes he has only one shot at retribution...he has to finish a marathon. Is that very logical? No. Does it work? Hell yes. Pegg's character is a horribly out-of-shape, drinking, smoking machine. Squeezing into tight running shorts and a decades old David Bowie shirt to go jogging is the LAST thing this guy should be doing...but he does because he needs to prove to himself (as well as the mother of his child) that he CAN finish something he starts...

Oh, he also wants to show up that prick who's trying to steal his woman (who is also in the race)...and his best-friend is going to be killed if he doesn't start--and finish--the marathon. But mostly it's about proving himself.

Anyway, I usually don't like British comedy...not even Monty Python (which, I guess means I'm not much of a nerd...oh sure, HOLY GRAIN is funny enough...but FLYING CIRCUS? Eh...not my "cup of tea.") but Pegg works for me. He has an understated, less in-you-face style. Sure, some of the laughs are a bit juvenile...but they never seemed forced (or worse, a joke simply inserted because the script demands a joke). Even though he didn't write his film, it still holds up to the quality I've come to expect from his collaborations with Edgar Wright (SHAUN OF THE DEAD, HOT FUZZ).

Go see RUN FATBOY RUN, it's damn good.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Photo Contest Part 2

Murph figured it out. On Saturday I went over to Leah's parents house...and I found a glow stick just lying there on the kitchen counter. I'd eyed it more than a few times, for some reason I asked if I could have it, and her mom said yes.

I took it home and stared at it while I played ROCK BAND in the dark. Good times.

I tried to take a picture of it with my camera, but the results were always very poor (the dang thing didn't give off enough light to show up). The picture in the previous post was one where I used a longer exposure...I was hoping that if I did that, and moved the stick around, it would make a cool streak of light. Instead all I got was a dull green blur.

Anyway, Murph you are the champion (for this week). If you email me your address, I'll send you this week's prize (which is a can of STATIC GUARD). Until next week...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Photo Contest

"What the hell is that?"

The Interview

Ugh. Well, it went okay. I got up, called the guy when I was supposed to...and the guy was a bit of a spaz. He seemed nervous or something, and there were numerous pauses (on his side of the conversation). We only chatted for about 15 minutes, and in that time he asked me:

1. How I found out about them


2. What kind of leadership skills I had

Then he told me I'd get a call in about 2 weeks, to set up my actual face-to-face interview (if they want me). I'm not really holding my breath. I don't think it badly or anything...I just don't think this nervous guy is ever going to get back to me.

So, the hunt continues.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Interview Tomorrow

So tomorrow I have an interview with a non-profit. The job sounds good, requires a degree, and pays nearly $10,000 a year more than what I make now. I'm anxious, but surprisingly not very worried. I feel like this is right, that's about all I can say. I'm hoping that they move me through the hiring process quickly (so far they are, my interview was supposed to be April 1, but they moved it up for me). I just need to get out of my current job.

This is Spring Break week, so we're closing an hour early every day. That's both good and bad. Good: I get to come home early. Bad: We need the money, and even though it's only four hours...well shit, that's $40.

Anyway, I shaved my beard off on Saturday...tomorrow after my (phone) interview, I'm getting a hair cut (if I have a "real" interview, that is). That's how ready to leave this job I am--I'm willing to part with hair. Wow. That's desperate.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Return of the ROCK...and the cookie monster

Wow. That's all I can say..."wow." Because of the public nature of this blog (and some of the people who are now it's readers) I don't really feel comfortable getting into the (slightly shameful) specifics...but suffice to say, I have ROCK BAND back. Got it back yesterday afternoon.

What I thought was a new patch problem, turned out to be a faulty disc (which was scratched...but not so scratched that it couldn't play--but whatever). The good news is, I have ROCK BAND back. The bad news is, I deleted all my saved data in a hope to clearing up the problem (by the way, thanks for being so "helpful" Microsoft). I spent a good chuck of last night re-downloading all the extra songs I had. Unlike, say iTUNES, however--the Microsoft store kept track of what I bought (so I didn't have to pay for them again).

Anyway, since all our band data is gone...and and Leah are forced to start over.

The new band's name is: La La Munky& The Lucky Kitties

Once everything was working again, I was eager to play...check out this (awesome) score on that classic Police song "Roxanne" (not only did I 5-star it, I GOLD starred it AND played it perfect on EXPERT). Not the hardest song in the game...but not the easiest either.

Last night me and Leah were apparently visited by the "cookie monster." Leah made 3 batches of cookies (God only knows why)...with most of them going uneaten (hey, I was busy with ROCK BAND). Well, we stayed up late messing around...and when we woke up Leah went into the kitchen and asked "Did you eat all our cookies?"

I, of course, hadn't...

Everything was normal in the kitchen...except that a GIANT PLATE OF COOKIES was now an empty plate of cookies. Hmmn...I wonder what could have happened to them?

In other, unrelated news, Rusty is acting very, very guilty...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

No Friday Video Blog! Blame ROCK BAND

I didn't do a Friday video blog. Why? Because my ROCK BAND broke!

Nothing like a $200 toy...right?

See, all was well this morning. I played it, and it was just fine. Then they put out a stupid "update" patch. Well it was pretty cool--a bunch of cool new features (the best was the new music store--think iTUNES in ROCK BAND). Anyway, I shut my system off. A few hours later, went to play it (with Leah) and now it don't work.

The patch killed it? Is it the disc??? Who knows. All I know is, this sucks. I contacted EA (the company that distributes the game) but who know what they will tell me. I'm going to see if I can borrow/rent the game to see if this is just a disc problem. Beyond that....?

Who knows, I may never get to play it again! *gasp*

All I know is: my entire 3 day weekend is now shot to hell. That's all I had planned. Now what? Oh on my must be joking...

Friday, March 21, 2008

Dude, seriously...a BOSTON 6-Pack!!!

I. Am. So. Stoked.

They just announced the downloadable content for ROCK BAND next Tuesday...and they're doing a 6-song pack of BOSTON songs.

Behold the glory:

“More Than a Feeling” (Master)
“Peace of Mind” (Master)
“Smokin’” (Master)
“Rock & Roll Band” (Master)
“Something About You” (Master)
“Hitch a Ride” (Master)

Sure, BOSTON isn't my favorite band...but these songs in ROCK BAND are going to be freakin' sweet. The whole pack costs $9.00. I am so there.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Zuda Comics

Recently, I've been on a comic book kick (I'm sorry..."graphic novel" kick). In a recent issue of BATMAN DETECTIVE COMICS, I happened upon an interesting advertisement for a DC-sponsored website called Zuda Comics. Apparently it's a kind of talent search/YouTube...but for comics. There are a dozen or so, continually updated, independent comic books/strips. They range the gambit from romance (okay, they only have one of those) to horror/sci-fi. There are two that I think are absolutely worth checking out: HIGH MOON (vampire gunfighter who kills werewolves) and NIGHT OWLS (think THE X-FILES, set in the '30s--only funny).

You can view the comics in beautiful, full-screen glory (use your keyboard to flip through the pages). Check it out! It's free!

Limemonkey Life Update

I don't feel like I'm blogging very much lately. Anyway, here's what's going on with me right now:

1. Job sucks--a student worker kicked a soccer ball into a lady's face a few nights ago (the same little shit who I got into a fight with, about rough-housing at the front desk--if you recall he beaned me in the groin with a ball). So today my boss asked me if he wanted me to fire him...I was a pussy and told him "no" (even though he treats me like crap sometimes and is lazy...I don't want to be responsible for firing him).

2. I have an interview on Tuesday (a phone interview) with a public interest research group (a non-profit!). It's a "campus organizer" position. Sounds like it might be interesting--the pay is waaay better than what I'm making now (so I probably won't get it). We'll see...

3. No work on the novel.

4. Leah is back in STL and sick (cold/flu). Honestly, whenever that girl goes to Chicago she gets sick. Anyway, since she's sick I'm probably going to be sick...I guess it's a good thing I have a 3-day weekend coming up.

5. I'm obsessed with THE DARK TOWER series. I'm smack dab in the middle of the third book...I'm desperate to get Leah's just too cool for school.

6. I'm obsessed with finally finishing ROCK BAND's guitar mode in "Expert" difficulty. I have ONE SONG LEFT ("Green Grass and High Tides" by The Outlaws). It's f-ing hard. Also, they posted a bunch of Greatful Dead songs up a few weeks ago--and they rock. I downloaded "Truckin'" and "Casey Jones." They're surprisingly hard to play (lots of little intricate noodling).

7. Not going home to KC for Easter--I feel bad I let my family down, but not that broken up about "no Easter" this year. Finally no longer a Christian? Was I ever one to begin with???

8. Probably going to have a crappy Friday V-blog...I think I may have raised the bar too high last week (just kidding).

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Today Leah got a job. She's going to be doing research at a VERY fancy rich-kid school (the place I wish I'd gone rather than DUMSL...but was/is too expensive). She's going to have hours that virtually mirror mine--but with $2.80 more an hour.

She is so sick (bad sore throat), so she sounds like a frog...but she is a happy frog.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

ABBA's Drummer Is Dead...the Limemonkey asks, "Who is Next?"

For those of you out of the loop, former ABBA (Swedish pop group) drummer Ola Brunkert is dead. You can read about it here.

Brunkert died in a freak accident (seriously, go read the story, it's messed up). Anyway, tonight while he was trying to eat his dinner, the Limemonkey got a call from his lady (who is in Chicago at this hour). Apparently today she and her father had a serious heart-to-heart about death and dying.

Death both scares and soothes me. The thought of no longer "existing" freaks me out and comforts me.

I'm not a religious monkey...for me, death is cold oblivion. Kinda scary when you think about it? But how scary is that? Does it hurt/feel bad when you fall asleep (and don't dream)?

"No" says the Limemonkey. "That feels good actually, it's a release."

I'd like to think it's all "Strike me down, and I shall become more powerful than you can imagine..." But honestly, I think death is just a nap you never wake up from.

"Don't Fear the Reaper" Blue Oyster Cult once told us, and I try not too--but depending on my mood...I do fear him. Death is a natural fact of life, and yet it's very foreign to me. I've only known a handful of dead people (that's a statement which is weird no matter how you slice it). I really hope I'm wrong, and that their is a heaven (and, I guess a hell...though that would suck, cos if there is I am SO GOING), but I just don't think it's that complicated.

Maybe that's why I want to write--so I can leave something lasting behind. But even that doesn't last "forever" does it?

Anyway, the drummer from ABBA knows all the way or the other. He's a lucky guy in some ways (and not so lucky in others...seriously, go read the's fucked up).

I don't have a Martin Riggs craving for death, but I'm trying really hard not to fear the Reaper. One day, all this will be a moot point (Momma, put my guns in the ground).

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Really Cool Piece of Art...on a Bottle?

I was at QuikTrip yesterday (yes, that's how you spell it)...looking for some caffeine to wake me up--when I came upon this. Even though I'm only a casual Mountain Dew fan, I had to buy it.

I love the trippy, psychedelic art-style. The aluminum bottle is pretty cool too. I read an article in the business section of the New York Times about how Coke and Budweiser were going to start putting out aluminum bottles (apparently Pepsi Co. is doing it too).

Here is my bottle:

And here is the full artwork (which I found here):

After 'Da Party...

Well it's all over. I have some "groomspeople" picked out!

I was worried that everyone who said they were coming would come, but luckily most of the people I know are lame and bailed on me. Why is that good? Because the boys from the dorms came through and showed up! I figured they'd be the only ones to answer the call of "duty." Andy, Sam, and Mitch...the coolest guys from my old dorm all showed up together. We had pizza and played Super Smash Brothers Brawl on the Wii (I actually did pretty good, I even won a few times).

Oh, and Leah...turns out we don't have ALL the characters after all (not by a long shot).

Then we busted out ROCK BAND and jammed. This was what spawned the evening's best/most memorable moment--we had a giant sing-a-long to Weezer's "Buddy Holly." It was great. Then we YouTube-ed fights in Parliament (don't ask), and watched an episode of FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS (which none of them had seen). They all seemed very honored to be asked to take part in the wedding, and I now have my groomsmen (plus Becky--who is my groomsperson because she rocks and knows a lot about SharePoint).

A good time was had by all. There is a bunch of pizza left over, so I guess I'm having pizza for breakfast, lunch, and probably dinner (thanks for buying the pizza Becky!).

Some Highlights:

There were two people who weren't there (not through any fault of their own) who I really miss--my friends Katie and Paul. Paul was supposed to come, but something came up...Katie's been having phone issues so she didn't get the word out. Katie--if you see this: Paul and I want to get together the week of Spring Break! I'll email you this week.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Would you take a recipe from this man?

This man? Are you sure???

Because I'm lazy (click to make bigger):

Clipped it from the newspaper (St. Louis American) while I was sitting at work.

Irish Potato Bread

Today Leah and I had an early St. Pattie's Day lunch. She used her crock-pot to cook potatoes and corn beef. I made Irish Potato Bread. I think it turned out okay (considering I'm a lousy baker) but Leah didn't think so (it wasn't what she said so much as how little she ate). Still, I thought it was decent. Since she's leaving tonight (5:30 train to Chicago) that's probably going to be my dinner (and breakfast).

Random thought:

We need a grater (by the way).

Experimental/Somewhat Funny...Friday Video Blog

Well I broke down and bought QuickTime this now I can edit my videos. Unfortunately, there is a bit of learning that must be done before I'm "ready for prime-time."

So, with that in mind...

I have no idea why the first few seconds are so wonky...luckily it clears up.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How Many People Did You Help Today?

Me personally, I've helped exactly 0 (zero) people today. I think that may be my problem.

I'm stuck here at work--doing nothing, and I feel like I should be helping someone. I'm not sure how, but I know that my next job needs to involve HELPING people.

I'm going to have to do some research, but there has to be a job like that out there somewhere (and no, I don't want to teach, but thanks for trying!). The thought of just "making money" (for me, or my boss, or my company) frankly: makes me sick. I think this is why I felt so much revulsion when I went in for that sales job. Simply capitalism ain't gonna cut it for this boy.

So I guess now that I know what I want to do, this is the hard part--finding a job that will let me do what I want to do.

I just want to help (in a meaningful way).

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Who Watches the Watchmen?

I'm currently reading Alan Moore's graphic novel WATCHMEN. It's a book that's been on my radar for a while now, but I only picked it up after hearing they were making it into (a very faithful) feature film (done in the style and by the guy who brought 300 to the big screen). All the pictures I'm seeing of the costumes look amazingly dead-on.

Anyway, it's not just a "comic book." Time magazine listed it on their 100 greatest novels since 1923 list. It's also the only "comic book" to win a Hugo Award. The book is a grim, commentary on the superhero genre that takes place in an alternate 1985--where Nixon is STILL President, the USA "won" Vietnam, and there are superheroes. Oh, and the world is on the brink of nuclear Armageddon.

For some reason, I'm on a graphic novel kick. I read Mark Millar's WANTED the week before (also being made into a film...unfortunately, a crappy one). I'm also struggling through the second DARK TOWER book. It's good, don't get me wrong...but it's lengthy. Hopefully I make it through the series.

WATCHMAN's a good read, you should check it out.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Huge, a huge...RUT

Usually, I don't censor myself--but for some reason after I posted this last night...I took it down. But I thought about it, and what the hell:

I am in a rut.

For about month now, my days have all been the same. I get up in the afternoon, bicker a little with Leah and have lunch. I take a shower, then go to work. Work. I come home, we watch a DVD or something...she goes to bed, I stay up till 4:00AM (reading in the bathtub, mindlessly checking the same three or four websites, etc.).

Everyday for my dinner, I eat two apples and a turkey and cheese sandwich. Now, this has changed recently, because we got Dijon mustard as well as the hot sauce that I like. It's not an either/or proposition...I now simply use both. Most Saturday nights, I come home and eat beans and rice (this weekend, however, was different because I became determined not to do what I'd done for the past few weeks).

Friday I wake up late, me and Leah fight/bicker/whatever. Then we go out and buy something (we don't need), usually no more than $50. I usually go to bed earlier than usual (2:00AM) because I have work early on Saturday morning. My Sundays are equally planned out: movies with Leah and her Dad (this weekend it was 10,000 BC (dreadful)). Most of the time we go out to eat. This weekend was different, her mom came along too.

On my day's off, I wish I was at work...when I have to work during the week--I wish it was my day off. See a pattern? I do. I'm fucking Bill Murray in that movie GROUNDHOG DAY. Except I'm not trying to electrocute myself (yet). I'm in a rut.

Next weekend is going to be different. Leah's going to be out of town in Chicago...and I'm going to be having a party after work on Saturday night. That's good. That's a start, but I don't think I can wait that long for the "different" to come. I need help getting out of this rut. Advice???

Sunday, March 09, 2008

"L'Esposizione Di Portabello" re-illustrated

The most fun I ever had writing, was "Sea Change." I wrote it in the dorms in a spiral notebook in between classes...I miss those days.

Re-reading "Sea Change," I feel compelled to point out that I was very much drug-free.

It's muddled, and weird for the sake of being weird...but damn was it fun to write.

Friday, March 07, 2008

A *SHOCKING!* New Friday Video Blog

I did! I actually got one up on time!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Beginning the DiGiTaL Edit

Sometimes the world just conspires against you...and sometimes it steps in on your behalf.

The past few days, I've had my novel thrust into my face in some unusual/unexpected ways. Leah's sister called and brought it up (which is unusual because, though she is nice, my novel is not really something that would be on her radar). I think I've mentioned it like ONCE in front of her (I'm not really one to run around bragging "I'm writing a book" like most English major-types I've known). That was strange, but stranger was when I saw my new blog-friend, MountainGirl's blog entry about NaNoWriMo (which mentioned me by name).

These two (minor) incidents kicked me in the head enough to start working again. I woke up and started a pot of coffee, hunted down my physical edits, and made a "Heavy Metal-Editing Playlist" in iTunes (Motorhead, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Avenged Sevenfold, Dethlkok, DragonForce--in case you are interested). I don't know how you (if you write) edit, but me--I have a system. I take a print-out and mark it up with a pen. I take that and sit down at the computer and make a "digital" edit (in a separate file). Usually my digital edit is a bit different from the physical one. Sometimes I look at a change and think "what was I thinking?" and skip it...or I spot something I missed and fix it.

Well, I started that process today. I have about 100 pages "physically" edited (I do it at work, on break...and when I'm not on break). Before I edit the NEXT 100, I thought I'd make my digital edits...for Leah. I know that once she starts reading this thing she'll force me to finish it--which is what I need.

Anyway, progress was made today.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Hey, remember "Rock-afire Explosion"?

For some reason, I woke up today thinking about ShoBiz Pizza. Remember that place? The (in my opinion) much cooler forerunner to today's Chuck 'E Cheese...well they had this super-cool robot band. At least, it was cool when I was a kid. A quick search on the net produced loads of websites and videos dedicated to "Rock-afire Explosion (I don't remember the band being called that, but whatever).

Apparently, not all the ShoBiz Pizza joints were converted over to Chuck 'E fact there are a few ShoBiz places in this country...and also in the Middle East (go figure). I know there are some '80s kids out there that know what the hell I'm talking about! Do you remember going to this place? Ugh. I do. My memories of it were so positive that my brain had replaced all the crappy robots with actual, honest-to-God animals. Then I started watching the videos, and reality settled in...

What was once "awesome" is now "freaky," "idiotic," and a little "scary."

I've been giggling like a maniac all only hope is that Amber sees this when she comes home tonight.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Yep, ANOTHER snow day!

When I got to work yesterday, my boss was basically like "Don't come to work tomorrow, school will be closed."

I didn't buy it. Frankly, I've been burned too much. As a kid, my Dad would watch the
Weather Channel and hear a dire weather prediction--then tell my sister and I that school was "going to be closed tomorrow, for sure." I'd get excited...NOT do my homework...and stay-up late. Next day, guess what? School would be open. And why wouldn't it be? After all it hadn't snowed at all overnight...

Anyway, I woke up to a blizzard-y winter wonderland. The snow has shocked the hell out of me. TWO DAYS AGO I WAS IN SHORTS!!! What the hell?

Oh well. My boss called about an hour ago and told me the building is closed tonight. So that means I get the night off (paid of course). How sweet it is (sorta).

Monday, March 03, 2008


I just got out of the shower. It's all part of my daily ritual. Half an hour before work, I take a shower. Then I get dressed. Then I pack something to eat. Then I get in my car.

Today in the shower, just now...I thought about running away instead. I made up my mind to do it. The water was stiff hot, and I started shampooing.

"Yep. I'm really going to do it. Just get in my car and drive...never looking back."

Then I got to the conditioner, the water starting to turn colder (but not quite cold). At this point I was envisioning myself on a beach car stalled out somewhere a hundred miles behind me. I could nearly feel the sand on my toes, and the breeze in my hair.

Then the water turned cold. I mean, all the way cold. It was okay though, all the conditioner was out...all the soap was off my body. I stepped out, still confident that I was getting the hell out of here.

I think I was about half-way dried off when I realized I wasn't going anywhere (but work that is). By the time I emerged from my little bathroom it dawned on me that I'm stuck.

And so are you. my own eyelashes

On Sunday I got to use my brand-new insurance card!

I woke up and my right eye was a little red. It's been bothering me for the past few (3-4) days now. I've been trying to ignore any red-blooded male, I'm convinced that any medical problem will simply go away with the proper dosage of denial.

Anyway, I thought I might be developing conjunctivitis (you know, from all those nasty/wet/sweaty towels I handle WITHOUT fucking gloves at my lovely job). I didn't think that's what it was, after all it was only a mild stinging...but the pain was enough to convince me to visit a medical professional (but by God, not a real doctor). So we went to Walgreens. I'm not sure if they do this where you live, but out here in STL-land they have these little non-emergency clinics where you only wait 30 minutes to see a nurse (as opposed to 4 hours at a hospital).

Long story short, it cost me $15 dollars to find out one of my long, sexy eyelashes had gone and scraped my eye. All I have to do is quit touching/rubbing it and use over-the-counter eye a few days it should be fine.

Damn you sexy eyelashes...damn you...

Sunday, March 02, 2008


or "Better Late than Never"