Monday, December 01, 2008

One of those days...

I just had one of those days...the kind that make me want to give up.

It's been awhile since I've had one this bad. Usually the novel helped--because I knew that, regardless of what happened to me during the day, I had that to come home to. I don't have that right now. Instead, all I have is a cold, empty, apartment.

The news is depressing. I need to stop watching it.

I'm trying to gather the "oomph" to apply for some jobs--I'm not really excited about any of them. Some of them, the best prospects, are in the "security" field. I know a lot of people will be disappointed to hear that...but when I got to the office today, I almost threw up it smelled so bad (a foot long rat had died over the long weekend). Then a government agent showed up (not law enforcement) and started nosing around...

I foresee much turbulence on that ship (that "ship" being the S.S. Titanic where I now work). I work as hard as I can--this past week or so I've been getting there early and staying much later than I normally do (6:30 at night) because my boss if out of town...but it seems that it doesn't matter.

I'm becoming depressed.


Jimu said...

do you get overtime pay? (1.5 x normal pay)

if not then stop staying at work so much. go do something else. come visit me for example.

but seriously, it may be that you are S.A.D. seasonal affective disorder. basically when the weather gets gloomy, and there isn't alot of sunlight, you get depressed... really depressed.

good news, if that is it, there's a special "sun lamp" that helps! you could come over and visit me and I would tell you more.


Jason said...

I feel slightly better today. No, I don't get overtime...but I don't gripe about it too much because I feel very over-paid.

I should come visit you, but YOU should come and visit ME!

I don't buy the cloudy bit too much, I personally like the deary weather. I just feel helpless and poor...and I don't like my job. I need to start writing again because my ID as a writer is all that makes me happy

Lrgblueeyes said...

mico fiction

Jimu said...

so I know you won't be working on your book till february, why not start a 2nd book?

take from now till feb to outline and get it formulated in your head, then put the notes aside to percolate and work on the editing of the first book?

that way you aren't un-busy.

Jimu said...

link on SAD