Thursday, December 11, 2008

Yes: I am ignoring you

Hey everyone. Yesterday I reached out for help via email...and then proceeded to not take any of your calls. To everyone who called: I'm sorry.

I just can't talk about this stuff. I can't even talk about it with Leah (which I know is wrong). I just can't. I have a jumble of emotions right now. Most are not good.

I took one call yesterday from my Dad and I ended up freaking out.

I am currently in the midst of 2 horrible legal issues here at work...and am freaking out.

Just stand by.


Murph said...

Deep breath, man. It's all good. You'll get through it. Just stay calm.

On the Outer Marches

Jimu said...

my only thought is you are trying to shoulder it all.. share the load. we are your friends, some of us won't judge you too bad. (especially those of us who didn't judge you too bad when we found you drunk, in drag, and unconsious on top of a hooker.. a MALE hooker.)