Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Choice Bits: A Day of Photos

DayofPhotos 003

DayofPhotos 007

DayofPhotos 006

DayofPhotos 016

DayofPhotos 021

DayofPhotos 028

DayofPhotos 012

DayofPhotos 026

DayofPhotos 035

DayofPhotos 036

DayofPhotos 037

DayofPhotos 041

DayofPhotos 020


Anonymous said...


Great photos I think you should do this everyday.


Jimu said...

The time clock is fixed.

use it.

no _excues_

got to love that.

Jason said...

Yeah, I finally fixed that SOB. Then I had to write the note so that people would actually USE it.

Jimu said...

you wrote the sign?

and spelled "excuses" wrong?

bad english major!

Jason said...

Yeah I can't speel worth a damm

Terri said...

I like the toothpaste photo and the office door quite a lot.

Jimu said...

actually the toothpaste photo is my favorit. the colors contrast so well.

Jason said...

Yeah, I like that one a lot too Jimu. In fact, it's currently the background pic on my desktop.

Jason said...

Thanks Terri (BTW).