Saturday, March 14, 2009

"Local Psychic Crosses Over"

Check out this article that was forwarded to me.

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Terri said...

You are related to this guy? Could it be that his spirit will lead you into a new area of endeavor? I keep reading that psychics business is on the upturn in these times.

And, I definitely remember seeing him on local tv.

Jason said...

Yep, he was my great-Uncle.

This guy gave me a blow-up Godzilla when I was a kid. He also kept a bong in his fridge (or so I am told by Amber).

Best David Memory: I'll never forget the time he was sitting around at our house, and my Dad's (more conservative) family was there--and he started talking about using drugs and going to jail...

Great fucking times.

I only saw one episode of his show (if anyone reading this can tell me where I can find tapes of his show I will pay you).

I frankly, don't believe in all that fortune-telling and card reading...and my one regret (concerning him) was that I never sat down and really talked to him about it. I think there were/are people who were kinda freaked out by some of the stuff he did/said (regarding being a psychic).

People say that psychics are full of shit because Houdini said that when HE DIED he'd try to contact a medium...which he never did. But the way I look at it, Houdini spent most of his life trying to debunk/expose these people, so why would he try to reach out to the living once he found out he was so wrong?

David, if you're out there please contact us.

Jason said...

Give us some lotto numbers.