Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Coldplay ablum, a STAR TREK Christmas story, and Steely Dan???


I used to think I'd become more normal the older I got...instead I seem to be growing even more strange/eccentric. This week found me unusually preoccupied with jazz-rockers Steely Dan. I somehow stumbled upon "Kid Charlemagne" on the local rock radio. Listening to this song triggered an "a-ha!" moment, as I realized that rapper Kanye West used this classic '70s track in his recent opus-to-himself "Champion." From there it only got worse. I downloaded the band's remastered Greatest Hits. Pretty soon I was listening to "Dirty Work" three times a day.

Not weird enough for you?

Okay, how about this--today I sat on the can and read a STAR TREK story (by the legendary Alan Dean Foster no less!). Geeky, right? But nothing too extreme--except that this particular story ("The Survivor" an adaption of an episode of the old animated TREK show (that I've never actually seen)) was set during Christmas time on the Enterprise! A drunk Scotty even came up with a blue-print for a "forth-dimensional Christmas tree." I'm not sure what's worse, that someone would think it a good idea to have this sort of story exist...or that I sat and read it (yes, even after my business was done). It was both twenty minutes I'll never get back, and yet if given the chance I'd read it again (only because it was/is so ridiculous).

I'm supposed to be listening to/reviewing the new Coldplay album, VIVA LA VIDA, but frankly it's so boring/borderline terrible that I've all but given up.

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