Sunday, July 20, 2008

Casino Secret Shop and FOO FIGHTERS

Ugh. It's nearly 1:00PM, and me and Leah just woke up.

After the tux fitting (which turned out to be not that big of a deal), we headed over to Jimu's house where we did what we always do--hang out and shoot the shit for waaaaay too long. Jimu has a talent of making time appear to slow, when in fact it's moving at regular speed. If Allie hadn't gone to bed because "it's 2:00AM." We'd probably still be sitting over there (laughing our asses off).

So we didn't get a fresh start on the day. Which is probably a good thing, because tonight is jam-packed. At 4:00PM we have to head over to Harrah's for a secret shop of the casino AND the hotel (yes, they're comping a hotel room). Then at 7:00PM we've got to head downtown for the awesomeness of the FOO FIGHTERS and SUPERGRASS (can't WAIT to see SUPERGRASS).

I'm not sure what happened to me, I really am a sit at home in my underwear kind of guy, but lately...lately I've been having to "go out." Whatever.


Jimu said...

watch this:

Jimu said...

oh and thanks for the compliments.

Jimu said...

bah.. they moved the videos..

could only find one on youtube:

Jason said...

You're welcome.