Sunday, July 06, 2008

Dude, Wii Fit is AMAZING!!!

So Leah woke up at the crack of dawn to try and secure a copy of Wii Fit. If you don't know what Wii Fit is, it's an amazing game that comes with this thing called a "balance board." It takes your weight, figures your BMI, teaches you yoga, you can do aerobics, improve your posture, build muscle, BURN calories.


All of this is either classy (and informative) tutorial--taught by a hot trainer (the sex of which is your choice...needless to say I chose the hot lady or the dude) OR (and this is key) you can play fun ass mini-games. There is skiing, there is hula hooping. There is soccer. All of this is highly competitive, too. Leah can jump further than me on the ski game...and every time I play it reminds me of this. Likewise, I can use my head to smack incoming soccer balls...AND I'm the "Super Hula Hoop" master. Everything you do is recorded and tracked. You can set weight loss/gain goals and the game will help you achieve them. Today I worked out for 30 minutes. I am so FUCKING SORE after playing this game.

My friends Becky and Jimu were with Leah today and they too picked up the game. I can't wait to hear what they think of it. I myself am amazed. By dressing up working out as a game, I think I might actually have a chance to lose some weight and feel better. I'm serious.

Let me put it this way: If I had to choose between sitting on a bike in a sweaty gym or dodging flying panda heads (yes, that's right FLYING PANDA HEADS) then I chose the flying panda heads. God bless Shigeru Miyamoto--he who made my ass fat by inventing Mario is now going to help shrink it. Yay Japan.


Eternal Sunshine of Katie's Mind said...

I will DEFINITELY be getting this for me and Alex. We have the Wii Fit just another disk, or a whole separate component? And how much does it cost?

Jason said...

Wii Fit is a bit expensive ($89) and really hard to find (which is why Leah had to get up early and stand in line to get it).

It's a disk and a device you stand on "Wii board" or some such thing. It's a scale, balance board/sensor thingy (basically it's the "game" controller).

I need to come over and play Wii sometime. When are you and Alex free?

Jimu said...

it kicked my @$$!!

it kicked allie's @$$!!

its not a horrible work out.

wait till I am all skinny and buff!

Jason said...

Yes--we are all fat asses and this game kicked them (asses).

BUT! I will say this...I don't like how start/stop it is. I wish I could pick like 3 exercises and just keep going.

I did the long run yesterday, and when it was done...I wanted to hula hoop. Why not let me do these back-to-back so I can keep my heart rate up?

Anyway, is it possible for us to compare/share our stats in this game? I'm like .43 away from obese which is kinda scary. But I've lost a pound since Sunday :)

By the way, Team Rocky soooo needs this game.