Sunday, October 28, 2007


I got up early and took Leah to work (Rams game). After I got back from downtown, I met Paul and Amber for breakfast (IHOP). By 11:30, they were gone and I couldn't help myself...I just couldn't.

I went to Best Buy and bought Guitar Hero III. I played it--a lot.

Currently, I'm 7 songs away from having the damn thing beat (on HARD no less!!!). It's good, not as good as GH2 (this one was made by a new company, the original company Harmonix is busy making ROCK BAND). Anyway, I went the cheap route and just bought the game. I held the new wireless Les Paul controller at a Gamestop over the weekend...I dunno, something about the collapsible neck didn't feel right, like it wasn't very sturdy. Anyway, I saved like $40 by just getting the game (instead of the wireless guitar/game package). So that's good.

I was worried about this game interfering with my novel (only a few days till November) but frankly, I've nearly beaten the damn thing. I think two things happened--first, they made this game MUCH easier than Guitar Hero 2. Secondly, I have gotten MUCH better than when I bought GH2 (I'd never played a Guitar Hero game before, so I guess that's why it took me so long to get through GH2).

The song selection is better this time around ("Welcome to the Jungle" and "Painted Black" and neither are covers!!!). But the character models don't look as good, neither do the venues (though they are pretty inventive). I think this is because the game was ported over to so many different systems (GH3 is on EVERYTHING). Oh well, when you're busy playing, you're too busy to notice how ugly the background looks.

As for the "online" play...I tried to get on and play today, but being the launch day the server was packed with people (either that or they were having too many bugs). Overall, it's a good game. Not a classic like GH2, but I'm glad I got it.

Oh and Kaiser Chiefs "Ruby" is a bonus song. Nice.

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