Thursday, October 11, 2007

I Finished the Fight

Well I just did it...I just beat the single-player Campaign in HALO 3.

When I first got the game, I was really disappointed with the Campaign. It wasn't that I breezed through it (which I did)...there was something a little boring about it... it just seemed really lacking. Then I quit being a baby and did something I've never done in a HALO game...I bumped the difficulty up to "Normal" (where, I always should have been). I'm not a hardcore gamer (more on that in a minute) but I'm not terrible. Then why do I always take it down to "Easy"? Because I'm lazy and I just want to get through the story as quickly as possible. But I thought, "maybe this is better on a harder difficulty." So I took it up a notch.

I also took it back up to "Normal" because that's the only way to get Achievements (basically nerd points that everyone online can see, the more you have the better you are as a player--and the bigger the nerd you are).

Anyway, I played through the game on the harder setting and found it to be much, MUCH improved. The enemy AI was dramatically different. No longer did they just stand there, not really doing much...the little fuckers started working together! Leading me into traps! And rather than being able to pretty much just run through the levels, I had to stick it out and fight.

The last level was wild, it was--

pretty much the exact same as the last level of the first game: basically, a big laser is going off...everything is on fire/exploding...and you have to drive your jeep the hell outta there.
**End Spoiler**

Fantastic game...however, the multi-player is what makes HALO so great. As I've reported, Leah is not very keen on playing with me via split-screen (she don't want to fight, which I guess I's a chick thing). Now that I'm done with the Campaign, we can play through it together (on the same side) which will be fun. But the real fun is online friends...

Last weekend, before my folks came out, I played online for free (thanks a 48 hour "gift/free sample" that was packaged inside the game box). Needless to say, it was fun. Sure, I died A SHIT LOAD...and sure most of the people killing me were FUCKING CHILDREN. I'm good, but I don't play this (or any) game enough to compete against a child (or young adult) that is loser enough to spend every waking minute playing. But it was still fun. So I told myself, "after you beat the single player, you can buy a month of XBOX Live Gold to play the multi-player online"). I know money is tight, but it was only $7.99 for a month (which is actually reasonable considering I can play nearly ALL my games online).

And after all, I called Uni-Guard today and "reminded" them to mail me my $100 uniform deposit check. So it's all good...

Anyway, I don't think too many gamers play this...but if you're on XBOX Live you should add me...we can gamer-tag is easy:


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Eternal Sunshine of Katie's Mind said...

I would comment on Halo, but I haven't the faintest idea about that kind of stuff...
Yeah, too bad Paul isn't coming. Um...I'm telling people any time after 8 is fine. The "party" will be much more quaint than originally thought. My 25 invites has produced about 10 or 12 confirmed "yes's", and a bunch of "maybe's" so it'll be small, but that's fine. Sometimes it's better that way. You have my number on the directions. Just give me a call if you can't find the place, but like I said, from your house it's almost a straight shot. Very simple. I'll see you tomorrow!