Monday, May 05, 2008

First Smoking, Now My Fat Ass

So my family like TV. I know, I's embarrassing...

Anyway, apparently they like watching BIGGEST LOSER or AMERICA'S BIGGEST LOSER (or whatever) which is a weight loss show. For once, it seems, TV has actually helped people LOSE weight--go figure.

My sister Amber decided to do more than watch, she's started a weight loss competition/support club. Leah joined (wedding), my Dad I joined. We all got up and weighed ourselves, and Amber is figuring our BMI today.

If this post sounds a little angry/bitter, it's because Wendy's just re-opened out here in STL-land (it's been over a year since we had a Wendy's in my neck of the woods). But whatever. This is a competition...and being as competitive as I am--I aim to win. One thing already on my side is, I'm the fattest person. Normally this would be a bad thing, but the more I weigh, the more I have to lose. So for once, my fat ass is actually working towards something positive.

I'll keep you posted on our progress.

Oh, and as a side note--I sold my bobble-head for $36 on eBAY this weekend. Go figure.

UPDATE: I almost forgot, I weigh 233.4 lbs.


Jimu said...

I am jealous

1) I wish I weighed that!!

2) you got $36 for that?!!!

Jason said...

Don't be too jealous. My sister figured out my BMI for me...apparently I'm on the borderline between "fat" and "obese." Hooray!

As for the $36...I'll believe it when the dude sends me the money order (he didn't want to use Pay Pal...hmmm, why is that? I'll be truly shocked when the money comes).

On another note, I am seriously so depressed right now.

Lrgblueeyes said...

Jaime should join us we need the support and motivation