Saturday, May 31, 2008

Happy Birthday John Bonham!!!

For the past two years of this blog's existence, I've paid tribute to one of hard-rock's greatest drummers--Led Zeppelin's John Bonham. It's a tradition. It's just what I do.

The story goes: two years ago I was driving along on one of my (highly unusual) off hours. At the time I was working all kinds of crazy overtime (day shift security in Kansas City). Anyway, I was running to the store (probably an errand for my Dad), when I heard "Nights With Alice Cooper" (which is/was actually a really cool radio show hosted by shock rocker Alice Cooper). Old Alice was talking about how it was John Bonham's birthday---and how Bonham accidentally drank himself to death.

I admire Bonham for his talent (and ability to rock) but little else. He's your typical dead rock-guy: he was dirty, loud, and abused all sorts of substances. To me, Bonham's just as much a warning on the dangers of pride as he is rock 'n roll royalty...but he is royalty, and no matter how messed up his story is--there is no denying the man could pound the hell out of a set of drums.

Usually they have a moment of silence for these sort of sombre occasions---here at THOUGHTS OF A LIMEMONKEY we do things a little different. So instead of quiet, bring on the noise:

And if you get the time (or the inclination) check out some of these links for more Bonham-ness:

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