Sunday, May 04, 2008

Mastodon State Historic Site

Today, on our mutual day off--Leah and I went for a hike.

She's a real out-doors person (which basically means she doesn't run away when a bug goes flying by, like I do). I wish I was like that sometimes. Anyway, she's been planning to do something outdoors-y for a while, so I just went along for the ride. We drove South and found the place without any effort. It's a nice little trail that winds around and up a bunch of limestone cliffs. There was a pretty fair amount of human activity near the tail-head (picnic tables with smiling families, plus we passed a handful of people).

Of course we brought the dog with us.

He's a wimp, like me--he's so excited when he gets into the car...but by the time we get him home, he has this look on his face like "don't ever make me go outside again, it's tiring and hot...let me stay in my nice air-conditioned apartment."

He loved it. Like me, he enjoys having Leah drag him along a rocky trail. There were plenty of things to sniff and piss on. So he was happy.

The trail wound up this steep hill, eventually we found the limestone cliffs.

They were alright. Compared to the "oh shit, we are gonna die" of the last time we went hiking, this trail was pretty tame. Still, it was good to get out. I really enjoyed the way the limestone acted like a natural "pot" for the various greenery. It was like seeing the most eco-friendly garden on the planet.

It's sort of a miracle, the way life pushes itself into every little nook and cranny.

Along the trail, while looking for fossils (which I saw, mostly just sea shells)--I kept finding these little abandoned snail shells.

They were almost as numerous as the rocks. It was strange. Now we're back home, about to celebrate Cinco de Mayo (a day early) like the good Gringos that we are. Hope your Sunday was as good as mine, cheers!


Eternal Sunshine of Katie's Mind said...

That sounds fun! Where is it? Oh, and can you and/or you and Leah make it to the winery for my birthday?

Jason said...

Leah says it's in Imperial Missouri. As for you b-day...I don't think so. Leah has to work, and even though the gym is closed, I'm not making very many plans until I find a new job. Sorry.