Saturday, May 03, 2008


Went and saw IRON MAN last night--it was fantastic.

I love seeing these big, "event" movies on opening night. Why? Because the crowd that's there is so enthusiastic. In case you don't know, IRON MAN is about a guy who's in the weapons business. A rich jerk (though a cool rich jerk), Tony Stark profits from the sale of death (essentially). Then one day something bad happens to thing he knows, he's being held by terrorist (this time in Afghanistan--rather than Vietnam like the comic books). These guys want Tony to build them weapons, or they're going to kill him. Being a genius, Stark builds something alright...but not a missile for his new friends.

From there the story of IRON MAN is all about a guy who finally wakes up and realizes that he's been the "problem" his entire life. As an act of retribution, he decides to start being the "solution." It's great to watch, and better than the typical superhero story because Stark never becomes that lame-ass spandex wearing Boy Scout (I'm looking at you Superman).

The film's effects were brilliantly realized (though most of what you see if absurd, it looks pretty damn real). Also, Robert Downey Jr. really gets to shine here. I've seen two films this year with Downey in them, and both have been fantastic (the other being CHARLIE BARTLETT). I'm so glad that guy got clean, because he's such a good actor.

Overall, IRON MAN was a good start to what many are predicting will be one of the best Summer Movie Seasons in decades. Oh, and if you go...stay until all the credits are over so you can see Sam Jackson's cameo as Nick Fury (only comic book geeks will truly understand this last scene...but basically it hints that we're going to get an Avengers movie. Nice).


Murph said...

It was a pretty good flick, Jason.

I had a couple of quibbles, but it was a good film overall. Definitely lots of special effects eye candy.

Lee's Summit, Missouri

Jason said...

I think as far as comic book movies go it was great. Downey Jr. was perfect casting...but yeah, it wasn't CITIZEN KANE or anything.

Can't wait for new Indy in a couple of weeks.