Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Flickr Photostream

I've been adding some of my "best of" photos onto Flickr. I don't have a paid account, so I can't upload a lot...but I am putting some new stuff up, too. Go check out the pictures I took over the last weekend of some Buffalo.

Go here

Wade in the stream.


Mountaingirl said...

Hey stranger it seems like forver since I made it over here :-) A friend recommended flickr to me yesterday and I certainly need to put the growing pile of shots somewhere. I know you only just getting it happening but are you happy witht he product (just doing my market research before I dive in) :-)

Jason said...

Yeah I like it. I don't have a "paid" account so there are some limits to what I can do (only so many MB a month, I only get 3 "sets"--which are like little albums). Overall I like it.

What's really cool is how I can post my picture up in really good quality--and my friends/family can download them in the SIZE they choose.

If you decided to go with Flickr add me as a friend (I'm the Limemonkey on Flickr, too).

Jimu said...

aww no meemo and the buffalos?