Friday, May 02, 2008

Hey Guess what?

I quit.

I'm sitting here at work...YES, I KNOW IT'S MY DAY OFF (don't ask). Anyway, don't ask me how or why (okay, ask!!! ask!!!)but for some reason I found the courage to do the wrong/dumb thing.

I told me boss that May 16 would be my last day. Thus giving me two weeks to secure employment (or be forced to work for my father in-law). If by this time next week, I still haven't found anything...I'm going to do the one thing I really don't want to do--and that's get another security job. But hopefully it won't come to that.

Why did I quit? Well yesterday I found out that I'm not really going to be working very much this month. They weren't going to tell me until the last minute, but I found out anyway and confronted my boss about it. I was like, "Can you tell me when I work this month?" So he printed me off a sheet--it was pathetic. I had an entire WEEK OFF (middle of the month). All of this because of the graduation ceremonies that effectively close the gym. They don't need me for those, because they hire UMSL police to work security for those events. I knew UMSL had their ceremonies here, what I didn't know was that nearly every local High School rents this place out, too.

So that, combined with the new "Summer-Let's-Fuck-Jason-Over Schedule" left me with little choice but to seek other employment. I thought, "If this month is going to be tight anyway, why not just go do something else?" The decision was basically made for me.

Anyway, I just got done applying for a bunch of jobs. I doubt anything will come of it...but I sure am hoping.

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Jimu said...

I'd say now would be an excelent time to get on the temp job circuit. it will take a week or two to start warming up, which should put you right at your 16th deadline.