Thursday, January 08, 2009

Miss Me?

So I got discouraged and decided to get a new job. I locked the blog and left Facebook to avoid any perilous background GOOGLE-searches.

And people were bummed out.

Just so you all know, I cheated on this blog. All the while I was away I wrote in this little blank book I've had since 2005. It wasn't the same.

So after hearing a bunch of people say "when are you coming back?" for the 1000th time--I said "fuck it." Now I'm back.

But enough of that, there is some business to attend to:

1. Big shout out to Jimu who clean up my computer this past weekend after it came down with digital VD (massive Trojan attack).

2. Journalspace is gone? For good? Yikes. I hope that shit never happens to Blogger. Murph are you now on Blogger? What's the URL. Let me know so I can update the bookmark. I missed reading your blog (you wacky nut-case, you).

3. If you're not on get on it. It's amazing. The only New Year's Resolution I have (worth a damn, at least) is to read more this year. I also want to compile a list of everything I read so I'll be able to say "I read X number of books in 2009." Because I am that lame. BIG props to Terri for introducing this site to me. This blog is still around because without it I'd lose touch with cool people like Terri (and Brenda) who I'm unable to communicate with properly because I am so awkward.

So I'm back. Happy now?


Brenda said...

Yes, I did miss your blog. Glad you are back up blogging again.

Jason said...

You are the only one who cares. So you're welcome.

Brittany said...

The only one? Nah. I missed the blog. : )

Jason said...

I had a dream, Brittany...that I found some "drugs" and decided to sell them to Beau. So Beau and all these weird, theater-type kids came over to my apartment and gave me this sack of money. When they left, I looked in the bag, and they had paid in Monopoly money.

That's the kind of shit I dream about.


Brittany said...

Good to know that Beau makes appearances in your dreams. He'd like to know that. LOL

I love hearing about dreams. Most people (my mother included) hate hearing about people's dreams.
I had a dream a while back about being back in Mayhan's class with you guys and it made me sad when I woke up.

Jason said...

Dreams interest me, I fancy myself to be a story-teller...and the way I see a dream, it's a story you are telling yourself. I know the more SCIENTIFIC minded of you might have your bullshit SCIENCE-y explanations of dreams (and no, I don't think they tell us anything more than their surface elements)...but that's how I see them.

Oh, and speaking of Mayhan and school--did you get a letter from the English department begging for money? I did. I'm broke so I didn't send them anything...but I did write Professor Cook a letter. I got his reply back today. But that's a story for another day...

Brittany said...

I got one of those pleas in the mail yesterday and ripped it up like all the others. My personal favorite is when they called me and I had to explain that I'm poor and UMSL already has all my money.

I've had professor Cook and the letter made me laugh because it seemed to me like he would really hate writing it but HAD to so he threw in a few lit quotes and then called it a day.
What did you write to him about?

Lrgblueeyes said...

I actually really like your view on dreams, Ill keep my science-minded lips shut and think about it like that.

Anonymous said...

I like your view on dreams as well. Plus, it's interesting to me how our sub-conscious recombines elements of our day and "composes" a story. It's often VERY different than I would "compose" it consciously.

Steven Francis Murphy said...

Jason, I use The Pondering Sapling as a reserve blog for my new one at Wordpress ( The comments are off at the blogger blog because of a persistent troll that I was able to screen out of my wordpress blog.

Welcome back to the blogosphere. Be glad you are not at livejournal because they may well be next.

On the Outer Marches

Jason said...

Murph! I was soooo bummed when I saw that your journalspace site was gone! I'm glad you are still online. I'll be sure to update my blog's link.