Saturday, January 24, 2009


I can't explain to you why, but I seem to be a vegetarian. I have no ethical problem with eating meat. I mean...I'm not some big animal lover or anything. And it's not like I don't like meat (I do).

Weird, huh?

I've been off of red meat for about a year now. Oh sure, I'd eat it--but once I got out of my parents house I found I was nearly always eating chicken or turkey. I dated two vegetarians (one was a vanity-thing, the other an extreme animal lover) which introduced me to all sorts of veggie-exclusive dishes that I love. I guess it stems from that. My mother is also dealing with a major/minor medical problem that has her on a special diet--which is weird that the both of us radically changed the way we eat independently of each other.

I'm hoping it'll make me feel better.

I do need to eat more fruits and vegetables, so this will help that. I have two books to help me out, but I really only needed one--THE COMPLETE IDIOTS GUIDE TO BEING VEGETARIAN. So I'm reading that...and trying to figure out what to do with this tofu I bought Friday. I'm not going to be a Nazi about this or anything, like I said I'm not doing this for any ethical I'll probably end up eating (a little) meat one a week. And I'm not giving up cheese or dairy (I'm not fucking crazy). And I'm going to wear leather shoes.

So I guess not much is going to change...


Terri said...

I agree with you. Keith needs meat more than I do and I always thought it must be a guy thing. Without trying very hard i could go a couple of weeks without it, but then I'll start craving a steak! So, there's something in it my body craves.

During my first pregnancy, I was vegetarian for financial reasons. That baby was very small.

During my second and third pregnancies, I was married to the son of a cattle rancher. Our meat was free--and the resultant babies were TWICE the size of the first!

Jason said...

Other than a juicy hamburger (and Turkey at Thanksgiving) I don't think I'll miss it too much. I think it would be a bigger deal if I was going Vegan (from what I've read, those people can't have ANYTHING).

Leah always says that statistically Missouri babies are the biggest.

Terri said...

Tell Leah that's an interesting statistic!

Jimu said...

we eat faux vegetarian all the time.

kosher meat is so expensive, and a lot of recipes call for both milk and meat.. (another kosher no no)

so we just use morningstar farms A LOT.

if you want some cool ideas let me know.

(I have a killer stuffed pepper recipe)