Tuesday, January 27, 2009

See Mom, it isn't my FAULT!!!

I got no friends. Here's why.

Nothing to do with me being an asshole.

EDIT: Before some of you jump on the "I'm your friend" bandwagon, get a gander what it is you're "friends with."

crazyman 001

Pretty messed up, isn't it?

EDIT2 (for my non-Facebook Friends):



Lrgblueeyes said...

This study doesn't mention the idea that being friendly is taught by parents

Jimu said...

what am I chopped chicken liver?

Jason said...

This study is science and therefore, probably full of shit.

Friends are caused by not being an asshole...so the only way having friends is related to your genes is if being an asshole is genetic.

And yes, you are chopped chicken liver Jimu.

Becky said...

No he doesn't count us Jimu, because we're cooler than real friends...We're like super friends? Either that or we're like .001 of one friend?

Jason said...

I'm fucked up...I have people who are my friends, and yet I feel so lonely. I live with Leah, who is a wonderful, loving person--but I'm so broken/screwed up that I still feel very isolated and unloved.

Wow, this joke is starting to get serious--THREAD OVER!!!!

Lrgblueeyes said...

we dont see each other very much but thats about to change, give it 2 weeks you will be begging for isolation

Jason said...

I'm going to post the "Anime/Facebook" pic up. Oh, and you're right about the whole isolation thing.


Terri said...

These photos look distinctly like one of my own step-children. There's nothing metaphoric in that statement: it looks like my very own Christopher! Yikes!

Jason said...

This happens every now and then--someone will tell me I look like someone they know.

Back in Lee's Summit, I was taking a walk around the block and a woman came RUNNING up to me because she thought I was her son. It was weird.

Now for the standard response:

I'm very sorry to hear that Christopher looks like me. That poor bastard.

Terri said...

Christopher looks like Stephan Segal (sp?)

Jason said...

Ah, yes Segal. So he has a pony-tail. I see. Well then that's not so bad (looking like that guy).