Monday, April 06, 2009

(Another) Partial Victory

Well, other than an ending--the second draft is complete.

I know, I know...without and's NOT complete. But I finished all my editing. Boy did I do some damage. I'm not sure how interested any of you are in the "stats" of this little projects, but here they are:

I "axed" 17,328 words total. This was primarily a secondary, un-related plot-thread that was both unnecessary and cliched. This was about 54 pages of material, a majority of this crap was written back in the NaNoWriMo days (when I had to write, even when I had little to say).

But I've cleaned all this up, and now I'm just in need of an ending.


1 comment:

Jimu said...

here's your ending!:

"... and so, with the police chasing the two women, they held hands and drove the car straight off of a cliff."