Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jazz Picnic

Today was a weird day. I guess the Kansas is why it was so weird.

Fuck Kansas.

I'm not entirely sure why a person would want to live in Kansas. It's kinda like a Bizzaro-Missouri. Look, I realize there is no rationale for why I hate Kansas, but I just do. My sister's Jazz band is all about Kansas. I think I've mentioned this before, that she's a member of the Kansas City Youth Jazz Band. They're a great, super-talented group of kinds that get together to play jazz.

My sister's musical ability has increased GREATLY over the past two years, and I'm sure being a part of this Jazz band is one of the reasons why.


We got lost okay? Big surprise, right. I get lost a lot when I don't know where I'm going..and for some reason Kansas is really confusing to me. Damn it I hate that state.

Alright, where was I?

Right, the Jazz band. So they had this little picnic today that my Mom really wanted Lindsey to go to. So my sister, her boyfriend, and myself all agreed to take her. It was in a nice little park out in rich-ass Kansas. We got there and it was super cold and overcast. Yikes. Not really what I'd call picnic weather. And even though we had no idea who anyone was...the four of us had a pretty alright time.

But then there was the food. The food looked great--they had like 15 different kinds of meat. But alas, as some/all of you know, I don't eat that stuff anymore. So I had to make do.

Hence the "Grape-Dog" that I whipped up right there on the spot. Looks good, don't it?

Yum. Leah you HAVE to try a Grape-Dog, they're to DIE for.


Terri said...

How about a banana on a bun?

Tonight, I used our juicer to make cucumber-ade and it is wonderfully refreshing.

Jimu said...

see and I thought a banana on a bun would be too suggestive..

btw jason when you get home, enjoy your surprise. Your butt will thank me.

Jason said...

There were no bananas, or I probably would have tried that. "Cucumber-ade"? That sounds like it might be it very green?

Jimu-THE CHAIR! Leah told me she and Becky went and saw you...I guess she picked it up for me. Don't worry, this chair WILL be a blog post when I get home.