Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cap'n/Writer Chair

Big thanks to Jimu for letting me have his sloppy seconds...oh, and he also gave me this second-hand chair:

THEchair 001

It's awesome, the chair I always liked sitting in whenever I went over to visit him. Apparently it's too awesome for him now, or something like that.

Whatever. It's mine now.

There are a few cosmetic/blemishes, but I can see past that. This chair rocks.

THEchair 002


Jason said...

Commence the "dirty" comments...


Jimu said...

so.. have you thought about how you like to be naked in your own house alot?

have you wondered, "how often was jimu naked in this chair?"

(and before you throw the chair out in horror, the answer is 0 times.. I live with 3 women. me naked happens only 2 places. bedroom and bathroom.)

Jason said...

Well we actually thought of this...which is why I had Leah clean the chair up once I dragged it up our stairs.