Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Another Interview

Okay, I feel at this point that I should stop telling people I have an interview (this seems to jinks things) but I can't help it--I have an interview on Friday. Yesterday I had someone (a maintenance dude) totally lose his ever-loving-mind on me (for no reason) and I nearly walked out. I mean I really almost got in my car and just drove home. It was bad. I had to call the police.

Anyway, a quick call home to Leah set me straight...but the fire was once again lit under my ass to get a better job. So, this morning I had Leah wake me up, and I went at it (yet again). I have an interview Friday. The job is decent (I'll be getting a $0.25 raise out of the deal) but the most important things is--IT IS NOT A SECURITY JOB. And I'll be helping people. So you know tomorrow I'm getting a haircut first thing!

Everyone please, cross your fingers (or whatever) for me. I really need it.

In other news, my BABY sister Lindsey has a blog now! I know right? They grow up so fast...I'd share the link with you all, but for safety reason it is a private, invitation-only blog. Go Lindsey.

That's about it. I have some really cool ideas for the v-blog...but I am without a partner this week (Leah is off during the day for training at her new job). Also, I have about a 1,000 album reviews I need to work on (maybe I'll do that tonight while Leah is tossing and turning?).

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