Thursday, April 17, 2008

Gas Panic!

Wow. What a shitty day (and I haven't even got to work yet!). Leah had me get up early (like 9AM! I know!!!) to take her to breakfast. Did that. Got home, decided to clean the apartment before she went to work. As we were doing that, we had a knock on the door. It was the Gas company. Coming to shut off our gas. Because we haven't paid our bill in two months.


I pay my bills. I'm like my mother, I get them and I fucking pay them. I don't, however, pay my bills if they never get to me. For some reason, the Gas company decided to stop sending me bills (two months ago). I realize that I am partially to blame for this. After all, I guess it should have dawned on me that I haven't been paying them--but I'm a busy man.

Anyway, I refused to pay the lady at the door--so they shut our gas off. Then I called the Gas company. Then they told I had to call ANOTHER number and deal with a fucking idiot-robot computer to pay my bill. It was $245. I was paid yesterday ($500). This means that I am pretty much wiped out (considering my other bills). I called the Gas company back, and told them that I haven't been receiving my bills. I asked why I wasn't given any kind of notice prior to them just showing up to shut it off. She told me my notices were tucked inside the bills I haven't been receiving. The little shits living downstairs ripped off all the letters on the mailboxes, so maybe that's what happened??? Then again, Leah found her TAX REFUND CHECK out on top of the mailboxes a few weeks ago. Hmmmm. Makes you wonder.

So since I paid them their money, they sent a guy out to restore our gas. But he can't turn it on, he tells me, because we have a "small leak, gas is leaking into the concrete outside." Just our apartment, no one else. How long/how much has this leak cost us? Hmmm...makes you wonder. Anyway, he told me it was a hazard, and that I'd have to call our maintenance people and have them fix the leak before he could turn it back on. So I call, and the lady tells me they can't/won't do that because they don't have a leak detector. So I run outside (in my stupid white socks) and wave the Gas guy down...he put it best "you're stuck in the middle between us."

Yes. I am. So the maintenance guy (covered in tattoos) rolls upon us both (me and the Gas guy) and they have a nice, friendly chat (full of friendly curses). The apartment guy says they'll take care of the leak. The Gas guy says they'll come out and turn our Gas on once they do.

As I'm walking back into the apartment, I stopped and got the mail. Look what came today:

Ain't life grand?


Jason said...

No. No it ain't.

Becky said...

WTF Mate!? I would have been a jerk and said take your gas and shove it...Two months later after I experienced cold water I might have cared, but seriously. Maybe you guys should consider getting a PO Box. It sounds like the mail there sucks.

Jason said...

Yee-ya...we need to get a P.O. Box I'm afraid. That and cable. Did you see the DLC announcement this week for ROCK BAND!! Full albums? Awesome! Not crazy about Judas Priest, but I'm getting The Cars record (as soon as I get my XBOX back). Not crazy about the price, either ($14.99 are they kidding? But I'll pay it...cos I'm lame).

Terri said...

I've considered getting a PO BOX. I know that as landlords, the mail that the mail man doesn't know where to deliver gets crammed in our box. Sometimes I redeliver it to the appropriate box, but sometimes we still receive mail for people who haven't lived here for twenty years.

This is a typical "adult world" glitch.

Jason said...

This is the advice that we've been getting from nearly all our friends/family--get a PO Box. It's funny that you describe it as a "glitch of the adult world," because I was thinking about it in exactly those terms myself, just the other day.