Friday, April 04, 2008

Weird "Elephant-themed" V-blog

Earlier this week, I posted a video dedicated to Amber...this one is dedicated to my OTHER "little sister" Lindsey (who likes elephants). I took this video back in October when I went to Grant's Farm with my parents (who were in town visiting).

"Overly-exciting music" provided by The GO! Team (the song is called "Junior Kickstart").


Jason said...

BTW--that is the elephant from the "bumper" at the bottom of my blog.

Jimu said...

I didn't know their trunks could stretch!

that was pretty cool.

Jason said...

Have you been to Grant's Farm? It would be a good day trip for the fam when it opens. Plus, since A.B. runs the place...there are free BEER samples.

Yeah, that's right. Fun for you, and the kiddies. My little sister LOVED the petting zoo (little baby goats).

Terri said...

cool. this is part of the reason elephants are my totem.