Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Dad=Internet Star

I'm approaching the "100 Video" mark on YouTube. It's weird, exciting, and lame (all at the same time). In way I'm proud, but I'm not as proud of this as I am of my Dad. You see, my Dad is a minor Internet Star. My most popular video (titled "Paradise City Axl Rose Dance Viral Video") is my most popular to date.

It is my "Most Discussed" (30 comments, the latest coming in today) and the "Most Viewed" (with nearly 8,000 views). Five websites (not my own) link to it (including a few MYSPACE profiles). What is the allure of watching my Dad try to dance like Axl? I can't say. Some of the comments are negative...but the majority are surprisingly positive. Here is a sample:

"LOL, this dude rocks"


" BWAHaahahahahaha that is sooo axl rose lol"

Anyway, here is it again:

You rock Dad, you rock.

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