Friday, September 26, 2008

ASK and Ye Shall RECEIVE!!!

Oh, boy!!!

So a few months back, I think it was July, me and Leah went to Florida (Tampa exactly) to visit relatives. While down there we sampled an awesome beverage at the local supermarket. It was Canada Dry Ginger Ale mixed with Green Tea. It was basically a really bubbly, sweet green tea. Very smooth and refreshing.

Thinking this was just a new product, and not a regional one, we came home and looked for it in the stores around St. Louis.

No luck.

So a few weeks after we'd been home, Leah gave up and went to the Customer Service Counter at our local Dierbergs and asked for it. Turns out grocery stores have little forms you can fill out and request specific products (who knew!?).

Well tonight, while out shopping we happened to be at Dierbergs--and like we always do, we decided to check the soda aisle. And guess what? It was there! Two 12-packs sitting among the other ginger ales! We were so happy we grabbed them both!

So I guess it never does hurt to ask. And should be lucky enough to happen upon this stuff, try it!!! It's so good!!!

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