Monday, September 29, 2008

Jason's Special "Blogger's Wish"

Sometimes I think about throwing in the towel on this experiment that is THOUGHTS OF A LIMEMONKEY.

Among my other projects (read:bullshit), I'm trying to formulate ways of drumming up both traffic and interactivity. I realize that the first thing I need to do is create content people who don't know me will find interesting. The only problem: figuring out what that content could be.

I really enjoy writing my (now weekly) music column "Classic Albums Revisited." I enjoy it so much, that a few days ago I toyed with starting a new-all music blog. Then I nixed this idea. I did so because I don't think that a rock music blog would interest very few people.

So, basically I got nuttin.

Interactivity: I know SO MANY PEOPLE who are bored. I know SO MANY that sit online for hours. WHY NOT START A BLOG? Or, to those who have blogs--WHY NOT POST ON THEM MORE? I've made a few friends via the Interweb, you could too.

That's my special blogger wish.

P.S. Dear Lurkers--I know who you are...


Murph said...

Jason, I bet if you came over to Journalspace you'd find the readers your are looking for. You could have a standby Blogger account to duplicate the entries at (as Jspace does go down) but the community is first class. I know John Birmingham would probably find your music entries fascinating.

To me, and I'm not a music guy, they remind me very much of Robert Moore's Sonic Spectrum. That is meant as a compliment, btw.

So maybe you could start a Jspace account. I could intro you to the Aussies and Kiwis in the choir along with a few Americans that drop by. I'll bet before long, you'd have an audience.

Ponder on it.

Northtown, Missouri

Jason said...

Ugh. I knew either you or one of my LiveJournal friends would suggest something like this.

I guess I need to just shut up and deal with no community/feedback/discussion because I'm too lazy to move or use two blogging sights.

There are things I don't like about Blogger, but when I sat down to start my blog I researched all the big sights, and Blogger was the one that seemed to be the best.

I stand by that assertion. It's biggest weakness is it's lack of community.

Anyway, like all my other writing I just need to get used to the fact that I'm probably only going to be doing it for me.

That said, I added the LiveFeed gadget that you use on The Pondering Tree, and I've been kinda shocked at all the different (world-wide) traffic I've been getting (most generated from my most recent Classic Albums Revisited post via Google Search). So I maybe the rock blog would bring 'em in.

Thanks for the suggestions and complements--but most of all, thanks for commenting Murph.

Murph said...

Jason, the initial means of generating traffic for my blog was to sign every post at a discussion forum as follows:

S. F. Murphy

I've since been banned from that forum (not for doing what I did but because they don't like my opinions and I don't like them) but the tactic is useful.

These days traffic is relatively self sustaining so long as I put something semi-interesting there. Part of it is Jspace community traffic but that is tied to my work for John Birmingham and his novels. Some of it is science fiction people wondering who I am going to hammer on next and some of it is just idle people dropping by.

Tell you what, Jason. Next time you drop by my blog to leave a comment, just leave the blog address in a signature of some sort. You are creative so I know you'll come up with your own unique sort of tag. If you do that, I'll bet you can get some Jspacers to pop on by.

I'll try to plug you from my end as I can. My problem is that I'm fairly introspective and selfish thus sometimes I'm so wrapped up in myself that I forget.

Finally, per writing, well, yeah, we write for ourselves. That is why I write. There is nothing wrong with that at all.

And Ya Know Where the Tree Is