Thursday, September 18, 2008

Back @ UMSL

So after work today I met my buddy Paul over at UMSL. We met up in the "quad" like in the old days, and had a smoke. It was strange being back at school. There were all these kids...a guy on a was kinda lame.

I guess it's true what they say--you really can't go back.

After that we went down to the Loop for dinner and some beers. It was great. Kinda wish Katie could have been there, to complete the English Major Trifecta...but alas, today is Thursday (even though I have the day off tomorrow...most people, shockingly, have to go to work).

I'm sweating (literally) right now, and drinking Coconut juice (NOT VitaCoca, the "Official Coconut Beverage of THOUGHTS OF A LIMEMONKEY."). I want to play ROCK BAND 2, but my living room is a bit crowded right now...Brenda is staying with us (hi Brenda!).

That's about it. Tomorrow is the bachelor party!!!

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Brenda said...

Hi Jason!