Sunday, September 14, 2008

Merch Table

I was listening to a podcast, GOOD CLEAN FUN, and I started thinking about merch. The show is done by Michael Butler (of the ROCK 'N ROLL GEEK SHOW) and Jasper from the PLAN 9 ROCK podcast. It's a great/awful show where they sit and talk about stuff (and are generally shitty dudes).

Anyway, Jasper makes merch (stickers, hats, t-shirts) and it got me thinking about merchandise. Now I don't want to get your hopes up (or give anyone any good ideas) but I'm thinking about making some custom THOUGHTS OF A LIMEMONKEY merch. I'm thinking t-shirts.

I realize that I have like 3 readers, and none of them would plunker down any money for a t-shirt proclaiming the awesomeness of my blog...but what I'm thinking of is giving these away (possibly as X-mas gifts). Thoughts on this subject?

Potential (very rough) artwork:


Terri said...

I would wear one of these.

Jason said...


As long as the economy doesn't completely burst/die, I should have enough money to get this made for X-Mas/Channakuah(sp?)season.