Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Within My Grasp

Well now that the "wedding thing" is over, I'm back at work on my novel. Last week was a reading/paring down week. I discovered a huge 40+ page sub-plot that derailed EVERYTHING. Last night I plotting the second half of the book, and tonight I started a new document and cut-and-pasted my novel into it (I never delete anything). From there I chopped the offending stuff out and pieced what didn't need to go with what was good in the first 100 pages. That took longer than I thought.

Still, my goal for tonight was to do some honest-to-God actual writing...and I did. I only got about 900 words out, but it was a start. Tomorrow I continue the journey.

My goal is 1rst draft done by November 1, 2008. Then November will be a month of editing, with a "read-to-read" manuscript prepped for December. My first group of readers should get it in time for the holidays.


*fingers crossed*


Jimu said...

Jason said...

Wow was Ellison pissed off about not getting paid!

I don't blame him, though.

This reminded me of some good advice Heath Ledger's Joker (of all people) gives in THE DARK KNIGHT. Remember that scene where he's offering to take a cut of the mob's money to kill Batman? And the mobsters are like, "If you can do it, why don't you?"

And he says: "When you're good at something, never do it for free."

Good advice (you psychopath).