Thursday, September 04, 2008

Hurrican Leftovers, Nicotine, Novel Reading/Writing, etc.

Today the remnants of hurricane Gustav blew through STL-land, making my morning wet and dreary. It's always a bad sign when you're wetter from the walk to your car than you are from your morning shower. We had to break down at work and buy the dock workers ponchos, lest they bitch and complain too much. The ceiling was a little leaky, but thankfully the roof held out over all our computer equipment (this time).

Now, if I could only locate the source of that "dead animal" smell...

What else? I had a MAJOR fucking nicotine fit today. I think it's the stress, I dunno. I was literally on my way to buy a pack of cigarettes when Leah called me and told me she was home. Leah went out with her friends...drinking and what-not. It kinda pissed me off because we haven't really seen each other in...oh, a week. I thought she'd be home earlier than she eventually got back, and I must admit, I hate sitting around waiting for people.

Oh well, I probably wouldn't have done anything tonight anyway. I'm really pissed at myself about all the time I waste. I get off of work and the first thing I do is eat (I don't eat at work). Then I do NOTHING. I'm sick of that. I feel like I'm wasting my life. Work, dinner, bed. That's about all I do. I was supposed to work on some writing stuff, but instead I hung out with my friend Jake down at the Loop (where he works in a hat store, hence the new hat).

I'm reading a really good book, THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF KAVALIER & CLAY by Michael Chabon. That's about it. Looking forward to seeing my friends Paul and Katie tomorrow night (which is ironic, because I was PO'd about Leah leaving me home alone tonight...what can I say, I'm a hypocrite). Such a fucking hypocrite.



Eternal Sunshine of Katie's Mind said...

Hey! Last night was fun. I thought of that Melville story I was telling you guys about. "Benito Cereno" is what it's called. Check it out. (If you have the Norton Anthology for American Lit. I, it's in there).

Jason said...

Yeah me and Leah had a really good time. I think Paul did, too. I was kinda shocked when he wanted to keep hanging out with us!

I'm pretty sure I don't have any of my old Lit. books (as I sold them for money). But I bet I can find it on Project Gutenberg. I'll have to check it out.