Thursday, September 18, 2008

Limemonkey Life Update

So the wedding is Sunday.

I'm trying hard to NOT freak out...but it's hard. Really, really hard. But deep down, I know that like my High School graduation (and college?) nothing is really going to be different. Oh sure, I get a minor tax break...and Leah will have my last name...but really, will anything have changed?


Anyway, it's not the "marriage" part that worries me. It's the "party/pageant" aspect of getting married. I always said I wanted a chick that'd be fine with running away to Vegas...and right now Vegas sounds pretty sweet. We have people that must be babied. People who must be convinced and begged to show up. People who call over and over wanting the name of the hotel. There have been social "boo-boos." People invited to the rehearsal dinner that shouldn't have been.

Ugh. And don't even get me started on the bachelor party situation (seriously).

What else is going on?

Well, this week I hunkered down and read my novel (what I have written). I'm trying to finish that bastard, but first I had to see where I left off. I have 196 pages written. The first 100 or so are gold. The rest is crap. I literally wrote a novella inside my novel--40+ boring pages of back story for a minor character. Yikes.

So once I axe that, and totally change the direction of the book...I'll be well on my way to finishing her up. Which I MUST do before November...because that's when NaNoWriMo starts all over again. And I really would like to have LAST YEARS novel attempt completed (at least the first draft) so I can compete again this year. Overall (talking about those first 100 pages), I'm impressed with how funny it is. When I was writing it, I didn't set out to "make it funny" but my humor comes across quite well. I also noticed that all of the characters seem to be shards of my own psyche. Which makes sense because the only person I really know is anyone I invent would be based (loosely) on myself. I like it how I've unconcsiously given my charcaters some of my odd habits (reading in the tub).

And finally:

The thing I'm most excited about is seeing my friend Paul tomorrow. We've decided to meet up at UMSL after work. We're going to go and hang out, just like we used to all those countless semesters. Now that he's out too, we both like to reminisce about the "good old days." Ah, getting old sucks.


Murph said...

Deep breaths and whatever you do, don't drop the ring.

Bachelor parties. Well, men usually find ways to take their Bachelor parties in installments after the moment they say, "I do." Come to think of it, women pretty much do the same thing.

In other words, it isn't the end of the world. Close, but not quite.

As for the novel front, I have a feeling I'll be rolling along into November right there with you. Of course, I'll be trying to write a novel, write a batch of lecture notes, revise a batch of lecture notes, write a screenplay AND revise a short story in Terri's class while doing research for John Birmingham's next novel.

A wife, I think, would probably be a bridge too far.

Buck up, man. It'll be cool. Birmingham was the consumate bachelor (wrote a funny book called How to Be a Man) and yet he got married, had kids, without too many ill effects.

Though it did end his weed consumption habit. Hmm.

Anyway, good luck, man. I'm pulling for you.

Northtown, Missouri

Jason said...

Thanks Murph, means a lot coming from you.

Terri said...

Jason--next year when we do our literary festival at Longview, will you come and talk about your experiences with NanoWriMo?

Jason said...

Yeah I'd love to! I'll even be able to read an excerpt like my hero Murph.

I can't wait for all this wedding stuff to finally end so I can get back to finishing that sucker.