Thursday, February 12, 2009

"A Bastard's Work is Never Done..."

After talking about it since finishing PULP FICTION, Quentin Tarantino's homage/rip-off of THE DIRTY DOZEN is 12 weeks away from release.

As a fan, I am excited. When I heard that Brad Pitt was going to lead 8 bad-ass Jews in an orgy of Nazi-bloodletting...I was pumped. Projects this long in gestation are either VERY AWESOME or VERY SHITTY. With QT you never really know what you're going to get--other than that fact that it will be bloody and have a kick-ass soundtrack.

Anyway, this week the teaser-trailer "dropped" (as the kids like to say) and the world finally got a look at Tarantino's latest baby. Sadly, after veiwing it twice, I'm a bit underwhelmed by it.

Here's the first trailer for INGLOURIOUS BASTARDS:

It seems to be going for the hokey/low-budget-ness of GRINDHOUSE (which was awesome) and less of the stylish-polish of, say, KILL BILL (which is an awesome, 4-hour flick that was split in two by ugly/evil studio suits).

It really doesn't matter, because I am SO THERE on opening day...but I'm slightly less excited (what IS up with that 'stash Pitt is sporting? Yikes).

Thoughts? Feelings?


Jason said...

Oh yeah, anyone notice super-gory HOSTEL director Eli Roth is one of Pitt's "bastards"?

And yes Jimu, the film's tagline is super-appropriate to my current work/job/career situation.

You're welcome.

Jason said...

*Checks IMDB*

Sam Jackson narrates the film...and Mike Meyers plays a Nazi.


Sign me up after all.