Tuesday, February 03, 2009

First 8

Well I've slogged through the first eight chapters. The editing is going about like it did LAST time I did this--slowly. I find myself at times amazed at my brilliance and embarrassed by my short comings as I read. The rough patches have all been work-able, and other than one or two paragraphs, nothing major has been slashed.

But dear God it's coming. There was one section that I'm dreading (BESIDES the ending, which still needs work). I remember thinking "this is going to need some revisions" as I was writing this one section, somewhere after page 250.

Editing sucks but I know I need to do it. My manuscript is physically split in half so I figure I'll edit (with a pen) one half then go back and transfer my corrections to the electronic file before heading into the second half.

Ugh. It's hard.

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