Tuesday, February 03, 2009


I'm currently making my second attempt at AGAINST THE DAY. I just crossed the 100th page today in the bathtub. Already Pynchon's novel of a 1,000 characters has introduced four times as many people than the cast of my entire novel.

It's daunting, but I'm determined to finish it this time. How am I so confident? Well I broke down and bought the damn thing, as opposed to trying to finish it in the time the library gives you. I still think it'll take me a month (or longer!) to read it.

Still, it's been very good...


Brittany said...

At least Sylvia (Cook) isn't there to make you write a paper about it after you finish it. That will allow you to take your time with it.
I'm done with Pynchon after "Lot 49". That book made me feel really stupid.

Jason said...

I WISH that Sylvia would assign me a paper. I miss school. By the way, are you back in college now? I saw your Facebook status the other day and thought "well that's not right, she graduated...I was there."

LOT 49 was great. I wish I was smart enough to write something so insanely dense.

Brittany said...

That was about an essay for my grad school application. Nothing like a statement of purpose essay to make you want to pull out your hair. I bit the bullet and applied to earn a Masters of Library Science. My 15 cats will be in the mail shortly so I can become a true cat lady.
Maybe you should go back to school if you miss it so much. Get a MFA in Creative Writing or something.

Jason said...

Wow. I can't believe you went back...at least it wasn't in English (which, as we all know would be a giant fucking waste of time). Good luck.

Why don't I go back to school? Um...did you read my retirement post, like at all? I'm retired lady. I want my steak blended and served via a straw please.

And I'm not going to be one of those pathetic retirees who take all their free time and does something like pursue a degree, visit with love ones, or take wild/adventurous trips.

No sir. I'm going to be one of those unconventional retirees--you know, the one that sits around...waiting for death.

But good luck with that.