Monday, February 23, 2009


In 2001 I graduated High School and started my long (meandering) journey through college. My first semester out at Longview was weird and wonderful. One of the people I met was Terri Lowry. Terri was a great instructor (the best I had at Longview, and one of the best I ever had) and has encouraged my literary efforts from day one.

God I used to write the worst poetry.


Anyway, Terri wrote a novel back in 1988 and I've never read it. I knew it was called FALSE STARTS and that it was out-of-print, but I could never lay my hands on it. On a lark, I added it to my wish-list on Paperbackswap, and amazingly someone had it (it appears to have come from an Indiana Public Library). The book came on Saturday when I was away, and now that I'm home I am putting aside Thomas Pynchon (and all his greatness) to read Terri's book.

I write this post for two reasons:

1. I think it's fucking cool that someone I know has an actual, honest-to-God novel...that was printed by something more sophisticated than an Epson Stylus C88.

2. I want Terri to write another novel.

Now, over the years Terri has read hundreds of pages I've labored over in her various classes (and at the Writer's Guild I tried to re-establish), the very least I can do is read her book. Which is what I'm going to do.


Terri said...

There's a reason it's called False Starts! Yikes!

Jason said...

I finished it last night, and today at work I wrote (and mailed) you a letter about it.

Watch the mailbox.