Monday, February 23, 2009

Wii Guns and Drinkin' with Murph in KC

This past weekend was great. I went back home and got to see my family, my sister's Wii, and Murph. Overall I came back feeling happy and refreshed.

Mission Accomplished.

Friday I got off work early (which is one of the nice things about my job) and hopped in the car and drove to KC. I'm usually not thrilled about this drive, but I took advantage of my car's CD player to keep myself entertained. Thanks to Bruce Springsteen and Ozzy the drive was actually kinda fun. I got home and had a "yuk" fest with my sister Amber. Neither of us is very good at anything--other than making each other laugh so hard shit comes out of our noses and/or we're crying.

Among other things (read:everything) her little dog, Rocky, was a source of amusement. Apparently the little guy doesn't like the vacuum cleaner. Apparently he really, really, really doesn't like it:

KCWeekend 002

Saturday I woke up early and had breakfast and banged on my baby sister's drums (see previous post). After that I went over to Amber's "love nest" over in Kansas. Her long-time boyfriend has a SWEET TV and a Wii. She and I spent the day shooting the crap out of Zombies (she had just purchased the new HOUSE OF THE DEAD shooter). It was a lot of fun. I told her we'd beat the game, and we did. Because we're awesome:

KCWeekend 032

I'm not a big gun person, and I'd never shot anyone/thing in real life--but these fucking zombies had it coming. Fuck them. It was more yuks with Amber, then I went at 7:30 and had drinks with my internet/blog/writing-brother-in-arms Murph (he of the infamously un-pc PONDERING TREE blog). Murph is a fascinating person (read: fucked up like me). We compared notes and it turns out he wins the "who has the craziest life" contest. Hands down. The guy just got back from New York, he's helping this Australian writer with his Sci-Fi books, he teaches at my old Junior College. He is living an interesting life.

It was good seeing him again (and actually being awake, unlike the last time when I "met" him and I'd come off an 18-hour shift).

Sunday was a day of reflection and nachos. I had washed my car and drove home. I had a good time in KC, but I missed my wife and her stupid dog.


Anonymous said...


Gun+Kiss+Phallic Symbolism=Homoerotic Photography.

Hmm. You sure I lead the more interesting/crazy fucked up life? :)

Least you didn't lick the weapon. Thing I'd have been a little bit concerned.

On the Outer Marches of Insanity

Jason said...

What can I say? I love the smell of Wii-plastic in the morning...

And honestly, I'd say we're about tied.

Jimu said...

Knowing a lot about jason's life (of late), I am sorry to hear that you are tied murph.

Jimu said...

oh and yes, jason is very homoerotic

Jason said...

First off, my life is fucked up in only one (major) way. Other than how I earn a living, I'm doing well and I'm happy.

I wish I could get my act together and finish up my novel (so I could move on to something else). I wish I could lose some weight...but other than that...I'm good.

Anonymous said...

The F*****-upedness will pass.

Jason said...

I hope so Terri.