Friday, November 14, 2008


So last night I reached the 300th page of by novel.

It's a minor milestone, but an important one nonetheless. I can't believe I have a story that spans 100-pages...let alone 300 of them.

Tomorrow, while Leah is at work, I'm going to get up and write. I'm not going to finish it this tomorrow, or this weekend...but I'm close. Damn close.

Anyway, it's a good feeling...but I'm kinda scared about what happens next.


Murph said...

It is a good feeling to find the finish line coming up, is it?

Go, man.


Jason said...

It feels wonderful, but I'm scared of the editing. Oh dear God am I scared of the editing...

Murph said...

I never liked editing but it is part of the game. Besides, I no longer call it editing. I call it other things.




I've also come to see the editing process as a means of practicing the same story over and over again, much the same way a musician will practice the same song or an athlete will practice certain drills. Each time makes the piece stronger.

Besides, no piece of writing is ever truly finished. It just gets to a point where it is good enough to sell.

And that last bit there, well, it all depend on whether or not your editor is constipated that day or not.

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