Sunday, November 23, 2008


I'm a good husband.

Unlike a lot jerks, I'll go and see a movie I already know before hand I:

A. Won't like


B. Know wasn't made for me.

I do this because I love my wife, and because I know she probably does the same for me sometimes (God knows I drag her to a lot of band's she's never heard of). So last night, I bit the bullet and took her to see TWILIGHT. It was just as bad as the commercials make it out to be. I think that somewhere, maybe in a parallel universe--TWILIGHT is an awesome CW (or is it WB?) weekly network drama. Maybe as a Fox Family/Sci-Fi made-for-TV movie.

As something I had to pay $9.00 to see--it was a turd.

But it's all good. Our theater was empty, so I got to lay down. It was nice. Oh, the soundtrack wasn't half bad (awesome Radiohead song over the credits, from IN RAINBOWS). Some of the previews were pretty good...

Of course, I am planning on making Leah pay (because I'm not all good). You see, last week I told her:

"Baby, I'll go see TWILIGHT--but only if you watch STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN with me."
That's right. We're boldly going where many nerds have gone before tonight. I realize that the awesomeness of KHAN is a pretty poor punishment for brooding teenagers (with fangs). In fact, it's hardly a punishment at all because I know she'll like it. Why?


A. It fucking rocks


B. It has the best STAR TREK line of all time (yes, even better than "Live long and prosper"): "Khaaaaaan!!!"


C. Shats the shit

I figure it you're going to be a nerd (and make no mistake about it, if you like are a nerd) you may as well also like some GOOD nerd-flicks. Apparently she's planning to see it again next weekend in KC with my sister--I won't go, unless I can get her to watch STAR TREK IV: THE VOYAGE HOME (which also rocks).


Lrgblueeyes said...

You are a good husband and I love you. XOXOOXOXOXOXO

Murph said...

Ah yes, The Wrath of Khan. Every movie since Star Trek IV has been a pathetic attempt to remake the best of the best.

Make her watch it twice.

On the Outer Marches

Jason said...

I should make her watch it twice!

What did you think of TREK II Leah? You never really said.

Leah has this thing about her ears--she can't STAND ANYTHING to touch them, or get in them (she keeps them very, very could eat off her ears, if she'd let you touch them). Needless to say, the alien-slug-in-the-ears scene FREAKED HER OUT!!! She could barley watch it.


Becky said...

Um Khan was great...If you wanted to punish her make her see the one Shatner wrote about God or whatever that POS #5 was called.

Jason said...

It's funny, when I was a kid I LOVED STAR TREK 5. I haven't seen it in years, so it probably does suck...but I've always been mystified by how much people hate it.

Anyway, I picked KHAN because it is the best of the best. I wasn't really trying to punish her much...any TREK is punishment for a non-TREK person.