Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Going to KC for Turkey-Day

Well can you believe it, Thanksgiving is nearly upon us!

Last year was spent in sunny New Mexico, which means this year is my family's turn to torture...I mean, feed us. Oh, I can't wait. A drive (even if it is across the blighted wastelands of Missouri) is always preferable to a flight--even if it is only a few hours. Something that most people don't know about me: I'm not crazy about flying. Mr. Jack and Mr. Coke have been helping me cope, but even with their aid...I prefer to drive. Which is what we're doing after work tomorrow night.

I'm bring DVD's this year. My family likes to watch movies, and this year I've got a few oldie-but-goodies (including OLIVER AND COMPANY, a Disney movie about dogs based on Dickens OLIVER TWIST staring Billy Joel). Leah is making pumpkin soup (which makes my farts smell like the lip of a volcano) and I'm making my homemade bread (hopefully Lindsey will help). My Mom will once again violate a helpless turkey carcass in the name of deliciousness.

Ah, memories.

I'm excited about seeing my family (who I have not seen since the wedding in September). I'm also excited about all that food (cos I'm a pig). Anyway, in case I forget--Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Jimu said...

quote: "but even with their aid...I prefer to drive. "

if you have the aid of jack and coke, while you drive, you get your license taken away..

Jason said...

Hmm...I when I wrote that, I thought it sounded funny.

Figures you'd be the one to point it out.

Are you guys planning a big Thanksgiving Jimu? Will you stop playing WOW long enough to enjoy it?

Jimu said...

actually we had allie's paycheck come in early.. so yes we are. and no I won't play much wow.. much..