Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Limemonkey Voting Curse Continues!

The Limemonkey Voting Curse: "If I vote for you, you will not become President of the United States."

Today the curse once again reared it's ugly head--I didn't vote for Obama...and now he is our new President.


Even though I think this is a wonderful/historic moment for my country, I am also very fearful. I hope that Obama doesn't let us down, and I hope we don't let him down. By that I mean, I hope no redneck asshole tries to kill him.

Washington, and politics in general, is a nasty stagnant swamp--ANY change is always good change, so long as it has the people's blessing. Tonight this country has spoken, and we've decided we are willing to take a chance on change...and someone who is young and relatively inexperienced. While many of my older friends and relatives see youth and inexperience as a detriment--but as a young and inexperienced person, I believe that sometimes what is familiar and safe must be cast aside so that what is new and potentially better is given a fair shake.

I believe this because I am an American, and in America we always look forward to a better tomorrow, no matter how bad things may seem.


Jason said...

P.S. Palin is a fucking moron! Hope ya like it up there with all those Moose lady...

Brenda said...

I'm confused and feel like I missed something huge in school. At one point, Utah had 0% of precincts reporting, McCain had 42%: Obama had 58% and they were declaring McCain won the electoral votes. Which class explains precinct reporting, popular vote percentage and electoral votes? Seriously, can we simplify this?

P.S. Palin scares me like a Japanese candy. Sure she looks appetizing on the outside but something is kind of fishy on the inside.

Jason said...

Last time I saw CNN they had the popular vote pretty much 49% to 51% and yet--not only did they name Obama the winner (despite not counting 100% of the votes) BUT they also went on and on about how his victory was so "clear cut and impressive."

Our Democracy is hailed for being "transparent" in it's processes...and yet, two college graduates are sitting here on election night STILL not fully grasping how it works.

That's not transparent, that's pretty fucking opaque (if you ask me).

Jimu said...

I just like that even 12 hours after the polls closed here, we still don't know who missouri voted for.. it's too tight to tell. (like 5000 votes tight)

not that it makes a difference like it did in florida.