Friday, November 14, 2008

Traffic Feed Removed

I removed the "Live Traffic Feed" gadget from the bottom of my blog.

I got this gadget from my buddy Murph's blog, because I was curious to see who was looking at my blog...but recently I've become a little too interested in it. I only got one bit of feedback from it, and it was negative (yes, I agree Brittany--it was creepy). It was starting to be like TV ratings, where I would think about posting things that would get me "hits."

That's not cool. That's not what this is supposed to be about.

So I ditched it. Much like the music player, it was a fun experiment...but one that I no longer want to continue. Maybe sometime, someday when I grow up (and can handle it) it'll come back, but for now--it's gone.

So there it is.


Murph said...

Funny, I never thought of mine that way. I mainly use it as a way to track my detractors and supporters. But I've never really gone out of my way to write entries that would cause increased hits. That seems to be a rather fickle sort of thing anyway.

A lot of it is spambots and craps as well.

What happened exactly? Drop me an e-mail.

On the Outer Marches

Jason said...

Nothing really to tell. It's like I said, I noticed who was dropping by, and what they were looking at and I noticed it was effecting my thought process.

Not good--this blog is for me.

Plus it was freaking Brittany out.

Brittany said...

Is it a surprise that I'm happy the traffic feed is gone?

Jason said...


You were right, it was creepy. I honestly don't care that much about whose stopping by.

Maybe if this was 1984...even though people could opt out of it, I still thought it too "big brother-ish" to post.