Monday, November 03, 2008

Jason & Leah Visit Chicago---Zack & Miri Make a Porno

So this weekend was pretty weird. Friday I drove up to Chicago with Leah and her Dad. The road up is pretty boring, but her Dad's caddy is pretty cherry (I like to roast my buns on the heated leather seats). We went for many, unmentionable reasons (i.e. I'm going to keep my ass out of the fire by not getting into it).

We had a pretty good time--Leah secured us a fucking fantastic hotel room (for mega-cheap, on the "miracle mile" downtown no less), got trapped in an abandoned train, we visited the Museum of Science and Industry (where we saw baby chicks and a WWII German U-Boat captured by the US Navy), then we ate real Chicago pizza (as one does when in Chicago). We got to pal around with Leah's Dad at this really cool bar, and I got to see a better/fun side to him (which was cool).

But I got pretty bummed out Friday night at dinner. We ate with some of her relatives, and they provided an anti-anti-depressant--the usual crap, talking "career" with me...or my lack of of her relatives told her Dad to get rid of me....good times. To top it off, we met everyone at this super nice/fancy hotel...and I was dressed like a complete tool. I'd brought a nice black button-up shirt, and was planning on changing before going to dinner...but we were a little late getting to Chicago (stupid traffic) and we ended up having to go straight to the restaurant. So there I was, everyone dressed up (some in suits) and I'm sitting there, eating lobster in a fucking zip-up hoodie. Holy shit. No wonder these people think I'm a loser/douche.

We got to come home late Saturday--and Sunday we went to the movies!

Me and Leah love podcasts. I know it's an old fad (for the record, I was listening to them in 2004 before they were mainstream) but I still like 'em. Anyway, we both love podcasts...but we very rarely agree on the same one. EXCEPT FOR ONE--SMODcast. SMODcast is writer/director/geek Kevin Smith's podcast, and it's fantastic. Leah really likes Smith's filmography she was stoked about seeing his latest flick ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO. I was a bit skeptical, Smith being (in my opinon) a (loveable) hack. The subject matter was a bit off-putting as well (you better believe I shortend the title when I was buying tickets). But the film turned out to be very funny and actually very sweet. I'll go out on a limb and say that it's Smith's best film--ever. It's a shame more people won't be seeing it. So if you're 18+ and bored, go see it.

Anyway, it's Tuesday night and I'm supposed to be working on my novel--but instead I've been reading. I just finished that Michael Chabon novel THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF KAVALIER AND CLAY (I know, I've been reading it forever). Though it kinda lagged there at the end, overall it was pretty damn good read. Solid characters and a bittersweet ending. Chabon is quickly becoming my new favorite author. I'm changing pace a bit for my next read--I'm tacking my massvie complete SHERLOCK HOLMES novels. I'll probably work on my book tomorrow.

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