Monday, November 10, 2008

Fightin' Old Man Winter

So today was the first really cold day out here in STL-land. It was one of those days where it actually got COLDER as the day progressed (usually the morning and night are the coldest times, as there is no sun) sucked.


Well my boss feels the same way about HEAT as he does about AIR CONDITIONING. He did purchase some sort of heating device today (some kind of "heating dish") while he was out running around, but there is a problem--it can't be plugged-in anywhere near by desk because of an electrical problem (actually the only problem is--we have too much shit plugged in).

Long story short is, after work I felt terrible. I had to run around outside today, and I wasn't wearing a coat (just a hoodie). I decided to go and buy some equipment for dealing with the cold weather. I really needed a pair of thin gloves with the fingers cut out (like the Goth kids used to wear) because my hands were FREEZING all day...but I need my fingers free to type and use the phone.

Went to KOHL'S (where I do most of my shopping) and I picked up a thermal undershirt and pants combo, some super thick winter socks, a scarf, a flannel shirt, two heavy fleece shirts...and this absolutely absurd/super warm hat.

How absurd is it? You be the judge:

Crazy Hat Jason

Oh, and in cases you ladies were wondering...yes, those ear flaps DO come down...


Jimu said...

you look like al borland from home improvement..

"I don't think so tim"

Jason said...

Really? My folks like I look like "a foreign guy."

Then again, they also asked me if I "still have all that hair?" right after I told them that was a recent (hours old) picture.

So who knows what's goin' on over there in KC.

All I know is, I love me a goofy-ass hat.

Murph said...

Did you kill and skin it yourself?

Oh, I see. You bought it at Kohl's, that must mean someone else did the killing, skinning and curing.


Jason said...

I don't know, I must just be a pussy...but I couldn't buy a REAL fur coat.

I could never hunt and kill an animal, either. I know the populations need to be thinned, and I know eat hamburgers and chicken wings...but I just can't bring myself to kill an animal.

It's deer season (this weekend, I think) but I couldn't kill a deer to save my life.

So no, I didn't kill or skin the hat...though Leah would like to kill it (she hates my growing eccentric hat collection). Go figure.

Lrgblueeyes said...

Why do I out of no where all of the sudden hate things at your whim, I think you just like the idea of me hating things because its uncharacteristic of me to do.

Remember when you said I hate hate The Beatles

Jason said...

Well babe, when you see my new hat and groan...I guess I take is as a sign that you don't like it.

As for The Beatles thing--you do, because if you liked 'em, you'd know everything there is to know about them (like me).

Obsess more, and I'll believe you.