Saturday, August 23, 2008

BREAKFAST Tonight...

One of my favorite things in the Loop is the Tivoli theater. It's an "art house" that occasionally plays some really good flicks mainstream movies. Leah and I saw THE DEPARTED there, for example.

The best part of the summer is "Midnight Movies" at the Tivoli. At the end of July they start having late-night revivals of cult films (both new and old). A few years back I saw DR. STRANGELOVE and THE MUPPET MOVIE. Great, great stuff.

The Tivoli

Anyway, tonight me and Leah are going to see that great ode to 80's teen-angst THE BREAKFAST CLUB. At midnight. Tonight. Now, I own this movie on DVD (because it's awesome), but as someone born in 1983...I didn't get to see it on the I'm excited. There's a big trend against the movies today. People my age and younger are opting to skip going out (instead choosing to illegally download it or wait 3 months for films to appear on DVD). For some reason, I'm different. I really enjoy going to the movies (even though as I've gotten older the manners of theater patrons has deteriorated). For me there's just something magical about seeing a movie in a big dark room, with total strangers.

*Don't you forget about me*


Murph said...

We watched this in my High School Citizenship class, of all things. I think it was Mrs. Birdsong's (who is a bona fided moron) way of bribing the class into liking her.

That said, inspite of myself, I like this movie. It is entirely too easy to identify with. It certainly captures all of the aggravations what was high school in the 1980s. But I do not watch it often. Some memories do not need to be dug up.

I find I like going to the theater to, especially when the weather turns awful. It is probably the closest thing we have to a full sized virtual reality machine. Watching it on VHS or DVD just isn't the same.

Northtown, Missouri

Jason said...

What sucks is...we ended up on going!!!

Me and Leah are babies who (apparently) can't stay up late whenever we want to (or something).