Wednesday, August 27, 2008

One (Wo)Man Band

So there's this game called ROCK BAND 2 that's about to come out (next month). To gear up, my and Leah have been playing more ROCK BAND. We've both been working on our drumming, because it's not our primary instrument (I do guitar, she sings) and it's hard because it involves your hands/arms AND the use of your foot (for the bass drum pedal). Right now I'm getting about 99%-98% 5-stars every time I play on Medium (which is a lame/easy setting I know). HOWEVER, when I up it to Hard I get my ass-kicked (sometimes I even fail).

So more practice is needed.

Anyway, we were messing around last weekend and Leah took over the drums. I picked up the mike and sang (really badly) for a few songs. Somehow Leah got it in her head to play and sing. The drums are still a bit too hard for her, so she switched over to guitar. See, even though she doesn't play it anymore...she used to play GUITAR HERO 2 way back in the wonderful-magical "dorm days."

Don't believe me? Check out this Limemonkey file photo:

Leah strapped on the guitar and I held the mike. Her favorite song is "Maps" by the Yeah, Yeah, that's what she tried. Even though she frequently has trouble multi-tasking in real life, Leah is a champ when it comes to video game multi-tasking. Not only did she do it, but she did pretty well at both. Here's her score (she was so giddy she made me take a snapshot of it):

I can't wait to see her play and sing Dylan's song in RB2. Truly that will be some awesome one-man-bandsmanship.

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