Wednesday, August 06, 2008

"Gay or Christian?"

I once, long ago in college...knew a (horribly evil) girl who played the game “Gay or Christian?” with me in the lunchroom. I know, I know—I'm going to hell. Anyway, it was based on the stereotypical conceit that Christian men sometimes throw off “gay vibes.”

Why am I bringing this up? Just to let you know what a terrible person I am (possibly, but she was worse). No, I thought about this game the other day at work. See, there's this broker I deal with who calls the office a lot (try, nearly everyday). This dude is very nice, but sounded very feminine. In fact, for a while I thought I was talking to a woman who's parents had cruelly named her “Roger.”

Anyway, last week this guy showed up on our doorstep wanting to see some sample product. Of course I was alone (as is usual when something semi-important happens), so I had to lock up the office and wade with him in the mud and muck of our warehouse. As we hunted for what he wanted to see, he started talking to me about his kids. Then he started talking about his wife. When I our business was done, I met her. Not only was she a real-life woman...she was actually kinda hot. This guy wasn't driving no sissy car either (like me), he had this massive Ford pick-up truck.

I guess the point is, the guy really set me straight (pun intended). Now, one could argue that this fellow might still be gay, and that his excessively big truck and super-hot wife are some sort of cover...but I'm going with the second option, which is: you can't judge a book by it's cover (or voice).

As a side note, he was wearing a pretty big gold cross...


Terri said...

Could still be a cover, course that may be just me. Displays of crosses irk me. If you can't tell a Christian by their behavior, why wear a cross.

Isn't it curious that the more PC the culture tries to be, the more our categories become limiting.

Jason said...

PC? What's that?


Jimu said...

so I went looking for more data on Beards. (a gay man who marries a straight woman to stay in the closet)

and I found this..

a merkin:

just wierd.

Jason said...

Never heard of the term "beard" or "merkin" before.


There's a whole world of strange things I'm unaware of (I feel like I'm back in the High School locker room listening to the guys talk about "69").

Brittany said...

That girl sounds just terrible...but she has a point! It is sometimes very difficult.

Jason said...

That girl was very evil...besides this sick game she also bewitched me.

I consider myself luck to be alive.

Terri said...

On certain Usenet groups, "merkin" or "'merkin" can be used to refer to Americans in general, especially those who exhibit "ugly American" tendencies. The term is derived from a phonetic rendering of "American." This usage is fully aware of the standard definition.

Thanks for the term, Jimu. I can use this in a future entry on my blog.